MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING -   Tuesday 3rd January 2012      

Present: Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, E Critchlow, G Budge, T Corson, G Orr, A Sharpe and L Welch.
The Parish Clerk in attendance – Mrs L Hamlin

55. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Craig and Monkhouse, County Councillor Watson

56. Declarations of Interest on the Agenda – Cllr Budge, Ministry of Justice Land

57. The minutes of the meeting 1 November 2011 were agreed and signed as a true record.

58. Standing Item – Public Questions –
Mrs Lillie raised the issue that not all residents were aware of the Remembrance Service being held at the Guyzance Memorial. Mrs Lillie was informed that notices had been put on the notice boards, information was put on the web site and announcement made in church however the Clerk confirmed that for this year’s service notification would also be put in The Pelican.

Mr Mezza reported that there were issues with parking at the play area and also children playing ball games at the front of the play area with balls landing on garages. The Clerk stated that there is no legal action that can be taken about parking however Clerk to check with NCC if they are okay for a sign to be put on the light post beside the play area asking users to be mindful of residents. In terms of ball games there is no ban on ball games in this area and if balls go onto garages and are retrieved this is trespass. Residents can put notices up covering their property and also a message will be passed to the children via the sports club and information to be put in the Pelican about both issues. The situation will also be monitored.

59. Matters Arising from the meeting on 1 November 2011:
Item 5 – Planters at Seat by Inglenook – these have now been installed.
Item 47 – Overhanging branches at Bank Top Cottages – the bottom branches have been removed however NCC needs to use a cherry picker for the higher branches and arrange for the road to be closed.
Item 18 – 20mph limit around Play Area – CC Watson still pursuing.
Item 23 – Asset maintenance – defer to the Spring
Item 37 – Play Area Update – Benches have been installed. Matting has been installed under the roundabout, small adjustment had been made to the zip wire. Cllr Newton has also undertaken some turfing in the play area.
Item 45 – Bus Shelter repainting – Still waiting on a response from NCC.
Item 45 – Dog fouling signs – New signs have been installed.
Item 45 – Leaf collection- NCC has undertake collection of leaves.
Item 51 – Ministry of Justice Land update – Despite chasing NCC a firm figure has still not been confirmed for grass cutting. MoJ is coming to Acklington on 11/12 January and want a response by then. It was agreed to meet with MoJ to discuss taking on this land and Clerk to arrange the meeting.

60. Report by County Councillor - None

61. Finance
a. Financial Summary
The balance on account at 3 January 2012 is £4,720.69, however there is an unpresented cheque of £1,459.20, leaving a balance of £3,261.49
b. Payments
The following list was put before members and approved for payment:
000285 L Hamlin £119.28
000286 L Welch (Christmas Tree) £60.00
c. Receipts – HM Revenue and Customs £571.55

62. Planning
a. To report on any planning decisions:
11/02498/LBC - 8 Guyzance Village - remove brick partition, plasterwork and skylights – APPROVED
11/02142/FUL - Guyzance Hall - Resubmission of 11/00482/FUL - APPROVED
b. To consider any planning matters:
11/01740/FUL - 1 Cheevely Steading - Demolish and reconstruct extension – Clerk to ascertain what is happening with this application.
11/03185/FUL – Adj to 5 Guyzance Village – conversion to form new dwelling and garage
11/03193/FUL – Adj to 5 Guyzance Village – time limit extension to A/2008/0480
11/03248/TREECA – 7 Guyzance Village – works to ornamental cherry tree. Clerk to check with Cllr Craig if there are any issues with this application, if not then no objections to be submitted.
11/013142/FUL – 8 Guyzance Village - Restoration of traditional building situated within the curtilage of 8 Guyzance to provide ancillary residential accommodation in connection with existing dwelling. A copy of an objection letter from a resident was presented to the Council. It was agreed objections to be submitted.
11/02910/LBC – 8 Guyzance Village – installation of replacement oil tank (retrospective) – no objection
Mr Neil Armstrong also informed the Parish Council of an application for the prison, there are internal alternations to be made which will not be visible but the external fencing is to be changed. It was agreed there were no objections to this application.

63. Requested Agenda Items
Golden Jubilee Celebrations – ACT are making arrangements for the celebrations and will be contacting relevant village organizations for their support/involvement. It was agreed, in principal, that the Parish Council would support the celebrations and Cllr Sharpe to report back to the Council on arrangements.

64. Correspondence Received
• Alnwick Playhouse – donation request – no donation given
• Vitalise – donation request – no donation given
• NCC Highways Services in Winter Publication – for information
• NCC Mobile Library consultation – information was given in the Pelican for residents to respond to this consultation.
• HM Prison Service – confirmation of name change – for information
• Independent Monitoring Board – request for volunteers – details to be put in notice boards.
• Letter of thanks from The Pelican for donation
• Letter of thanks from the School for donation
• NCC Travellers Liaison Service – for information
• CAN training – Event 1 - Introduction to Planning and Event 2 - Localism Act – training dates to be circulated to Councillors, if anyone is interested please contact the Clerk for bookings to be made.
• Mr Garland of George F White has request a meeting with the Parish Council to discuss future plans for Warkworth Farm Shop/Cavil Head Farm. Clerk to arrange a suitable date and circulate details to the Councillors.

65. Items for Circulation
CPRE – Planning Explained
War Memorials Trust Bulletin
Archaeology in Northumberland
CAN News x 2

66. Urgent Items
• The road to Guyzance has dropped further. Clerk to report to NCC and ask for an update on what action is to be taken.
• The water in the village had been cut off for 2-3 hours, this was due to a burst pipe in St Omer Road, the water is now back on but was running brown for a few hours.
• The 30mph flashing sign has not been in the village for some time, Clerk to contact NCC to find out when it will be back.
• Cllr Corson asked that the No1 bus come into the village. Clerk to contact the bus company to make this request however it has been requested in the past and refused and with ongoing cuts it is unlikely that the bus company will agree to this request.
• The bollard at the West end of Acklington had been knocked over. This was reported to NCC who replaced the bollard within 48 hours.
• The bridge at Guyzance has been repaired, vegetation has been cut back and warning signs have been installed.
• A request was put forward for Sir Alan Beith to be contacted to see what can be done at the A1 junctions following the recent fatality. Clerk to contact Sir Alan. The Clerk also reported that a village meeting is being arranged in Swarland and will update the Councillors when this date has been arranged. This meeting will consist of Sir Alan, Highways, NCC, Police and other relevant bodies.
• Footpath at the bottom end of Millennium Walk is impassable. Clerk to contact NCC to request they contact the land owner.
• Coal Road – there are issues of people going too far down this road and not keeping to the loop when walking and this could raise issues. This is not a public right of way and the land owner could stop people using this road if consideration is not given to the use of this area. Councillors to speak to those people who use this route.
• Cllr Welch stated Acklington is being considered again for opencast. It was agreed Acklington is still on the list within the Strategic Development Plan however this plan has not been finalized. Situation to be monitored.

67. Items for Next Agenda - None

Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55pm
Next meeting: Tuesday 6 March at 7.30pm in Acklington Village Hall