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TUESDAY 6th March 2018 in Acklington Village Hall
at 7.30 pm

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The parish council is a group of local people elected as community leaders to represent the views, opinions and interests of residents living in the parish. 
It is the first tier of Local Government.  Councillors work voluntarily but the Clerk is paid for her work (between 5-10 hours per month) and provides all the administrative support required.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every other month and additional meetings are held as required. Our County Councillor usually attends the meetings to report on matters of interest and he often liaises with the County Council on our behalf.

The Parish Council is a statutory local authority in its own right, having a wide variety of powers and duties conferred by many statutes and as such undertakes a vital role within the local government system. The Parish Council works closely with our County Council and other bodies to ensure the needs of the Parish and its residents are not overlooked. 

Briefly the Council’s role can be described as follows:-
The power of decision in accordance with statutory functions and duties.

For example expressing views about planning issues and consultation documents both locally and countywide.

Taking the lead on issues affecting the interests of the area, e.g. highways, footpaths, general maintenance, trees, etc.

The power to raise a precept from the local inhabitants and make financial decisions which will benefit the community. The precept is collected with the Council Tax. The Council’s income and expenditure is very closely monitored and the Accounts are audited annually by independent Auditors.

Parish Councils can run play areas; look after rights of way; provide seats and shelters; publish newsletters; support rural transport initiatives; provide allotments; give grants to local groups; comment on Planning Applications within the Parish – to name but a few of the issues they can deal with. 


The County Council is responsible for:

Social services
Strategic planning
Trading standards
Housing services
Environmental health
Leisure, culture and museum services
Recycling, refuse collection, street
Parks, grass cutting, public toilets
Tourism, regeneration and business

Local planning and building control
Council tax and business rate collections
Housing and council tax benefits
Elections and electoral registration


ACCOUNTS 2014/15

The latest audit on Acklington Parish Council was completed on 29th July 2015.


Balance brought forward 3386
Annual precept +4750
Total other receipts +  340
Staff costs -  769
Loan interest /
capital repayments
All other payments -3264
Balance carried forward 4443

The balance carried forward represents reserves the council is building towards play ground repairs, seat replacements, ground maintenance and future election costs.

The accounts are available for inspection by local electors in accordance with Section 14 of the Audit Commission Act 1998.  To arrange an appointment please contact the Clerk.


In 2005 Acklington Parish Council, in conjunction with Acklington Community Team, invited people living in the parish to express their views on a range of everyday issues.  The response rate was remarkably high - around 87% of all households in the parish participated.  The results helped to shape the Parish Plan which has formed the basis of much of the parish council's work since 2005.

While the Parish Plan continues to guide the work of the Parish Council, many of the objectives contained within it have now been achieved.  Others continue to form part of the council's ongoing work.  However, it is important that we keep in touch with what people are thinking.  For that reason the Parish Council from time to time conducts short surveys to discover whether the issues that concern people today are the same as were identified in the Parish Plan or whether new and more pressing matters have emerged. 

The views of everyone living in the parish are very important to us. Only by knowing what you are thinking can we be confident we are representing your views.

Traffic calming measures for Acklington Village.

New public footpath into the main housing estate.

Resisted plans for a parachute club at Chester House.

New notice boards around the parish to improve communication.

Scaled back plans for holiday village at Bank House Farm.

New seating benches and flower tubs.

Continued financial support for Acklington Village Hall and St John's Church.

New play area established off Churchill Way.







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Welcome to Acklington Parish Council’s Web Page

Here you can find details of what the Parish Council has been doing and what it is planning and hoping to do in the future. You can also, if you wish, ask a question, make a point or raise a subject for discussion at a Parish Council meeting.

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every other month (Jan / Mar / May / July / Sep / Nov) at 7.30 pm in Acklington Village Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

o be eligible to be a parish councillor you must be at least 18 years old and either:  be on the electoral register for the parish; or live within 3 miles of the parish boundary; or have your principle place of work within the parish; or occupy property or land within the parish.  Parish Councillors do not have to be a member of a political party, and most Parish Councils are non-political bodies.  Parish Councillors must act within the law and must sign a declaration to the effect that they agree to abide by a code of conduct.

Some of the current parish councillors are shown below, others are still to update their profiles.
Jeff Newton (Chairman)
Address 14 Field House Close, NE65 9PE
Telephone 01670 760571
Email Jeff_newton@standardlife.com

How did someone who was born and raised on Teesside find himself living in Acklington? Largely by chance it must be said, but after 10 years it feels like home. So much so I put up with an almost-daily commute to Edinburgh where I work for one of the Scotland's financial institutions. Not surprisingly my free time is limited, particularly during the working week, but I see the parish council as a way of making my contribution to the community in which I live. I have been a councillor for nine years and chairman for the last three. This has presented some interesting challenges but I'm fortunate in in being surrounded by supportive fellow councillors. Living in Acklington also offers excellent leisure opportunities which, along with the people, is what makes it such a great place to live. Weather permitting, the Newton family can often be seen heading out of Amble harbour in its little boat (bright red - you can't miss it) or sampling the ice cream at Morwick.
Eddie Critchlow (Vice Chairman)

2 Bank House Farm, NE65 9AP

Telephone 01665 575306
Email eddie.critchlow@uku.co.uk

I have lived in the Parish since 2001 with my wife Tracey. We live at Bank House Farm, Guyzance. I am a home worker, producing software for use in hospitals throughout the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. My interests include keeping fit, rugby, fishing and hillwalking. I am also a member of the Acklington Village Hall committee. I became a Parish Councillor to become more involved with Parish life.  Hopefully I can contribute to making the Parish an even better environment to live and work for all.
David Barras
Address 6 Field House Close, NE65 9PE
Telephone 01642 787547
Email dbarras1970@tiscali.co.uk

I live in Acklington with my wife and daughter.  We have been here since 2006.  I am a learning disability nurse and work in the management of Care Services in Tyneside.  I enjoy the quality of life in Acklington and I am keen to see that continue. 
In my spare time I enjoy sport, walking and history.  I am an active member of the Western Front Association.
Nell Gair

6 Churchill Way NE65 9DB

Telephone 07731459975
Email nellgair@me.com

I moved into the parish in April 2011, having previously worked at Castington YOI. I now teach at the Duchess's Community High School in Alnwick. Acklington was a very welcoming place to move to and my family all enjoy being a part of this community. We all really enjoy being outdoors, walking all the footpaths and taking in the local sites, as well as being on the beach. Our young son will be starting at the village school in September 2016, which we are very excited about.
Gerald Orr

8 Acklington Drive, NE65 9BX

Telephone 01670 760442
Email gerry.orr@acklingtonparish.org.uk

I have lived in Acklington for over 22 years and have worked at Acklington Prison as a prison officer for 24 years.  I have served on Acklington Parish Council for a number of years including spells as vice chairman and chairman. 
Alison Sharpe

49 Acklington Village, NE65 9BN

Telephone 01670 761451
Email alifont@hotmail.co.uk

I have lived in Acklington for 20 years. I think I am very lucky to live in Acklington Parish, it may not be the most beautiful place in Northumberland but the people in Acklington Parish are fantastic. I am one of the founder members of Acklington Community Team and I am also a member of the Village Hall Committee.  I am married with a daughter.  I love to cook and  I enjoy swimming.
Martin Townshend

4 Guyzance Village NE65 9AQ

Telephone  to follow
Email martin.guyzance@gmail.com

I have lived in Guyzance since 2006, when my wife Judy and I decided to ‘come home’ after 35 years living and working in various parts of England. We returned to Northumberland because we think it is the best place to live in the whole of the country and I hope that by being a parish councillor I can, in a small way, contribute to the environment and quality of life in the area.
I am now retired, but had a varied working life in both the private and public sectors and ended up managing an enterprise development programme “Go Wansbeck” in the south east of the county. I am currently a trustee of the Northumbrian Citizens Advice Bureau. Judy and I enjoy travelling (mostly with our caravan) and I am a life-long Newcastle United supporter!

Members Declarations of Interest

To view Members Declarations of Interest, please visit:  http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Councillors/Parish-Town/Town-Parish-Declarations-of-Interest.aspx

  Log on to Acklington Parish Webmail (for councillors only)


ACKLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL ~ Chairman’s Report 2015

It is with great pleasure I give my chairman’s report for 2015 and reflect on the developments and events over the last year.

Having undertaken this exercise for the last few years, I am always struck by how many of the issues we deal with never seem to go away – and I will mention one or two of these a little later. Fortunately there are always enough new issues to bring some variety to our deliberations.

I have always taken the view that one of the key responsibilities of the parish council is to provide a grassroots perspective on development. I think it’s fair to say that the views of the community have not always aligned perfectly with those who eventually take planning decisions, particularly where guidelines and quotas come into play.

My confidence in the system was partly restored when proposals for the development of land in Churchill Way were rejected. This demonstrated that the views of the community – and those of the parish council – can influence outcomes.

That is not to say we should always oppose development or succumb to NIMBYism. Indeed, we should always deal with such matters with an open mind and where we can see clear benefits for our community, we should be supportive.

As mentioned, a lot of issues we discuss simply carry over from meeting to meeting and never seem to be resolved – and not for want of trying. I regret to say that one such problem is dog fouling for which a long-term solution continues to prove elusive.

There is no doubt that those responsible for this problem represent a minority of dog owners, but I find it utterly baffling that people who live in our community take so little pride in it. Other problems which continue to afflict us include the excessive speed of traffic through the village, the poor condition of roads, inconsistent levels of connectivity and problems over rights of way.

However, these are the negatives. Living in Acklington parish also has many positives which are recognised and supported by the wider community through individual and collective contributions.

Speaking on behalf of the parish council, I take pride in the contribution we make to the appearance and upkeep of the parish. Recent examples include the new benches which are now in place at the crossroads bus stop and Dobson’s Corner, along with new bus shelter at North Broomhill.

On the latter point, I would like to offer special thanks to Councillor Jeff Watson for his pivotal role in making this happen.

The council’s ambitions will always be constrained by the financial parameters in which we operate and our natural desire to spend taxpayers money in way which brings maximum benefit to the community.

Decisions to increase the precept have always been taken with the greatest reluctance, but the parish council’s responsibilities have increased significantly over recent years.

It was this reason that we decided to raise the precept for this year from £4,750 to £5,000 and therefore ensure the council can meet its obligations and continue to have a stable financial position.

On this point I am very pleased to say the parish council has reached the end of the financial year in good shape – in no small part due to the careful and responsible use of limited financial resources.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to various people for their hard work and support over the last year.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge our clerk, Elaine Brown, for her continued professionalism and her patience in dealing with me, as chairman.

On behalf of all parish councillors I would like to thank the aforementioned Jeff Watson for the support he has provided as our county councillor.

And finally, I would like to thank all members of the parish council for their continued commitment and unpaid contribution which – while it brings its own rewards - doesn’t always get the wider recognition it deserves.

Jeff Newton
5 May 2015



In November 2013 I became Clerk to Acklington Parish Council.

I particularly enjoy the variety of work involved in this tier of Local Government, along with the all the people you meet whilst striving to ensure that all issues are dealt with in the most effective and efficient way.

I currently live in Hadston and grew up in the area. I am also Clerk to Amble, Hauxley, and Warkworth Parishes so have quite a bit of local knowledge, experience and a lot of useful contacts. I enjoy walking and music.
I can be contacted by letter: 
58 Westmorland Avenue
Newbiggin By The Sea
NE64 6RN
by email:  acklingtonpc@gmail.com

or by telephone: 07588659600


Our Parish is in the Amble West & Warkworth Ward of Northumberland and our representative on Northumberland County Council in Mr Jeff Watson.  Jeff lives at:
     60 Robson Way
     NE65 0GA
     Telephone - 01665 711981
                    or 07554114933

A good way to contact Jeff is by Email:


Our Parish is in the Berwick-Upon-Tweed Constituency which covers around 1,000 square miles and is one of the largest constituencies in England.  Our Member of Parliament is Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Conservative).

Contact Details
Anne-Marie is newly elected and does not yet have an office (in London or the constituency) but she can be contacted anytime by
email:  annemarie.trevelyan.mp@parliament.uk
telephone: 0207 219 4437 in London.

In the constituency her chief of staff (Tom) can be reached on agent@ruffs.org or by phone at the old offices in Alnwick 01665 602106 until new premises are finalised.


To access Northumberland County Council's Public Right of Way map which shows the rights of way in our parish and in our county, please click on the map below.



Send Us Your Views

If you wish to have an issue raised at a Parish Council meeting, or if you have any comments or queries on any aspect of what we do, you can contact the chairman Jeff Newton directly on 0771 248 6190 or by sending an e-mail to jeff_newton@standardlife.com

If you'd prefer, you can use the form below to send us your comments. We will respond to you by e-mail if a reply is expected. If you prefer to send your comments anonymously, simply leave the name and e-mail fields blank. Bear in mind, however, that if you do not provide a return address we will be unable to reply to any questions you pose.

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