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Jeff Newton
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 Vicar of Acklington Parish
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Claire Jones

 Head Teacher of Acklington School
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Thank you for all the positive feedback we have received to date. 
Here are just a few responses:

"Brilliant website, extremely attractive and informative.  An enormous amount of time and effort
has obviously gone in to creating it.  Makes you proud to live in the village."    
Louise Pickering

"A truly impressive web site, full of community information.  I particularly enjoyed reading the
history pages.... and I learnt a lot!"    
Mark Connolly

"I can fully understand how Acklington are in the finals of the Village of The Year competition. 
You have absolutely loads going on.  What a remarkable place."   
Joyce Sanderson

"Just visited your website and I'll be back.  It is so informative and the spectacular pictures show
the true beauty of this area.  Thank you, your hard work and commitment has paid off.  Lovely. 
Well done!"    
Barbara Wade

"Your site is excellent - I find it very interesting."   
Joan Robinson

"This is one of the best community websites I have come across (and I have visited a fair few).
Congratulation to all those who are responsible."   
Kristian Jewitt

I just had to let you know that I have had some feedback from friends who have now looked at
the website to enjoy my moment of fame
(artist of the month) and all have mentioned the high
quality of the website and what an asset to the village it is.  It certainly is extremely well put
together and gives a wonderful overview of the parish.  Thank you for putting so much effort
and time into it.    
Sylvia McClure

"I have just been browsing your excellent website.  It is the best parish site I have come across. It must be hard work keeping on top of updating all that information
Ivor Rackam

"Just had my cup of coffee in the office and logged onto the parish website, beats reading any magazine, great job as always John.
Many Thanks"

Maureen Ledger

"Wow John - I have just been in and had a look - fab site, one of the best I've looked at so far.
There seems to be a lot of talented people in your village.
Well Done"

Carrol Hessey
  Local Services Group, Northumberland County Council

"Great website, I found it really interesting, do hope people will continue to contribute and help it grow.
One area which possibly has some restrictions, so please forgive me if you have 'explored', would be visitors accommodation in your village. For instance there may be farms nearby who due to the economy found themselves forced to diversify! We have family in Acklington and I was hoping to find local B&B's in the village....just a thought.
Best wishes"

(North Wales)

"We were looking at the parish website to see what was written about the Indian Evening and were reminded what a great job you do with that website. It really showcases the village activities and is very professional looking."
Tessa Sayers