The Parish of St John The Divine, Acklington

Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting of St John The Divine, Acklington held on Sunday 17th March 2019

01. Present: John Davison, June Davison, Barbara Lamb, Joan Davison, Bill Rowntree, Mary Guy, Barbara Cock, Flora Steele, Derek Steele, Shirley Rowntree, Peter Wright, Myra Johnson, Bill Johnson, Janet Bell, Keith Bell, Anne Craig, Joyce Miller and Val Sharp.

02. Opening Prayer: Revd John Holland led the prayer.

03. Apologies: Revd June Barras, Moira Peden, Audrey Lamb, Pam Coils, Anna Coils, Val Atkinson and John Atkinson.

04. Vestry Meeting:
William Rowntree has stood down from his role and was thanked for all his sterling work. Peter Wright is happy to continue in the role as church warden and has completed the necessary forms-proposed by Bill Rowntree and seconded by Barbara Cock.

05. Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2018
The 2018 minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record. Proposed by Bill Rowntree and seconded by Peter Wright. Signed by John Davison.

06. Matters arising:

07. Presentation of the Accounts-
Accounts had previously been audited, presented to and accepted by the PCC and circulated to the congregation. There were no questions for Joan but she was keen to explain why we were over £3,000 down. There has been less collected on the plate and through covenants which is a reflection on the small numbers in the congregation during the last year. Fund raising events generated less that the previous year and general running costs have gone up with inflation.
Special mention to go to Roger Styring for auditing accounts for no fee and especially to John Davison for being our organist for no charge.

08. The Reports-
(a) a report on changes in the church electoral roll since the last APCM- new forms had been available before the meeting and 33 had been completed and returned. Although this was a huge fall it does represent the actual congregation and therefore gives a truer record. Although a fall there were four forms from people not previously on the roll.
(b) a report on the proceedings of the PCC and the activities of the parish generally- as we still have no vicar. John Davison gave a report in his position as lay chairman and this is available on file.
(c) a report on the numbers giving gift aid and covenants- 21 gift aid.
(d) a report by churchwardens upon the fabric, goods and ornaments of
the church- Bill Rowntree read his report and it is available on file.
(e) a report on the proceedings of the Deanery Synod- there have been no meetings to report on
(f) a report from the Safeguarding Officer- there have been no incidents recorded to the PCC during the year.

09. The Elections-
Deanery Synod Representatives (2) Peter Wright has agreed to continue in this role but there were no other interested party.
PCC members elected- Joan Davison, John Davison, June Davison, Moira Peden, Barbara Lamb, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Cock, Val Sharp, Shirley Rowntree and Bill Rowntree.
Sides Persons election would be completed at the next PCC meeting
Independent Examiner of Accounts- this appointment would be finalised at the next PCC meeting but Roger Styring had agreed to continue in the position.

10. Any other business-
Peter was able to inform those present that three strong candidates had been short listed for the position of new vicar. At present one is a parish priest, one is a priest at St Paulís Cathedral and one is a priest at Wakefield Cathedral. They will be escorted on a parish visit on 10th April followed by a buffet for those invited to meet the candidates more informally. Interviews will be held on 11th April and the PCC are asked to suggest some suitable questions.
The next PCC would be held at Moira Pedenís 1.30pm on Thursday 21st March 2019.

11. Closing Prayers-
John led closing prayers and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting ended at 12.20 pm.