PCC MINUTES  - 21st March 2019

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 21st March 2019 - held at 20 Acklington Village

Present: Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Barbara Lamb, Audrey Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Val Sharp, Barbara Cock and Peter Wright.

1) Welcome - John welcomed those present and thanked Moira for her continued hospitality.

2) Opening Prayers - John offered the opening prayer.

3) Apologies – Shirley Rowntree, Rev June Barras and Rev Christine Shield.

4) Appointment of Officers -

  • Lay Vice Chairman – John Davison – proposed Moira Peden, seconded Peter Wright

  • Secretary – Barbara Lamb – proposed Barbara Cock, seconded Bill Rowntree

  • Treasurer – Joan Davison – proposed Peter Wright, seconded Barbara Lamb

  • Electoral Roll Officer – Barbara Lamb – proposed Val Sharp, seconded Joan Davison. (The file will be kept in church)

  • Safeguarding Officer – Janet Bell – proposed Bill Rowntree, seconded Audrey Lamb

  • Covenant Officer – Janet Bell – proposed Barbara Cock, seconded Joan Davison

  • Village Hall Representative – Mary Guy – proposed June Davison, seconded John Davison

  • Standing Committee – vicar (or John Davison in their absence), treasurer and church warden. Secretary will be included if needed.

  • Deanery Synod representative – Peter Wright is happy to continue in the roll if and when any meetings are called.
    Other members can be co-opted onto the PCC and John is to put such an invitation onto the Redemptorist sheet.

5) Minutes of the last meeting accepted as a true record – proposed Bill Rowntree and seconded by Peter Wright. They were then signed.

6) Matters arising from minutes -

• Peter is still trying to locate the school honours board. JCSC don’t know where it is so the next line of enquiry is Woodhorn and if they don’t know of its whereabouts Peter will try Alnwick Estates.

• Peter sent a letter to the chimney sweep about our dissatisfaction at the work done at the end of 2018. Although the sweep has apologies he won’t give any kind of refund as he felt he had spent a lot of money on scaffolding and a specialist ladder and because he felt he’d done a good job. He has offered to do a free chimney cleaning next time, but the PCC felt they would far sooner ask Matthew Currie to do the honours. It was also recorded that Matthew received a £50 M&S for all his help and he was suitably thrilled.

• Peter has contacted the Parish Council and offered to attend forthcoming meetings to help organise a suitable celebration to mark the 80th anniversary of the beginning of WW2.

7) Correspondence -

Our curch warden has received a 'visitation of the archdeacon' questionnaire. Amongst other things this asks if the PCC have a policy about the various collections made in church. It also invited if Peter to attend church warden training and gives a selection of dates for his to be enrolled into his position.

8) Reports -

• Warden - Peter explained that little has happened since the annual meeting. However, we need to be aware that he will be at a family wedding over the Easter period so will need to ensure there is cover in place. It was suggested he reported this to the clergy to see what help they could offer.
He repeated the information about the ‘new vicars’ visit and interviews. One is at present a sub dean at Wakefield Cathedral, one an experienced parish priest from near Birmingham and the third a sub dean and chaplain at St. Paul’s Cathedral. John Davison and Joan Davison should be getting invitations to the evening meet and greet but John won’t be able to attend. Rob, Cynthia and Peter (church wardens) will be at the actual interviews and Peter will use ideas for questions previously suggested by the PCC.

• Treasurer-
Hayes & Finch wafers 24.44
Matthew Curry voucher 50.00
Village Hall 60.00
Grass bins x2 80.00
Insurance two months 449.80
Electric -6/2/19 17.68
Tax rebate 2018 1429.32
100 Club-ongoing 460.00
Coffee Morning (16/2/19) 384.60
Normal weekly
Contra transactions

• Deanery Synod Representative - no meeting

• Village Hall Representative - nothing to report

• Safeguarding Officer - nothing to report

• Ecclesiastical Issues - no representative present

9) Fund Raising

Hot Tap Splutters booked for May 18th with doors opening at 7.30pm.
Summer Fair 15th June 11am-1pm

10) Any Other Business -
Revd June Barras has given Bill’s phone number for the contact for Christian Aid week. He has agreed to put envelopes at back of church and then return any monies after the week.

11) Date of Next Meeting - 23rd May 1.30pm at Moira’s

12) Closing Prayer – The grace was shared. Meeting closed at 2.40pm.