PCC MINUTES  - 19th July 2018

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 19th July 2018 - held at 20 Acklington Village

Present: John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Shirley Rowntree, Val Sharp, Revd June Barras, Peter Wright and Moira Peden

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison who expressed how delighted all present were at once again meeting at Moira’s and seeing that she was well enough to accommodate us.

2. Opening Prayers - Revd June Barras led prayers.

3. Apologies - Apologies were received from Barbara Cock and Revd Christine Shield.

4. Minutes of the last meeting - accepted as a true record and signed.

5. Matters arising from minutes -

• Chimneys have not been repaired due to bad weather on the day the workmen came. The boiler needs to be inspected and this will coincide with the re organising of the chimney repairs.

• Peter has agreed to be our Deanery Synod representative and Moira has asked to be relieved of her role.

• The Rural Dean is Revd Alison Hardy, she lives in Embleton and prefers the title Area Dean.

• Revd Christine Shield had not got back to the PCC with a draft for a poster for church so John produced one to send for her approval. It starkly explains what it costs to keep the church running and all felt it should even be displayed in the Pelican.

6. Correspondence -

• The wardens have received a time frame for the appointment of the new incumbent- 14th Sept closing date, 24th Sept short listing and 15th Oct interviews. It is probable that only one of them will be on the interview panel.

• The letter which suggested we wouldn’t be getting a new vicar for five years was to be ignored. It apparently should never have been sent so it was felt best to just pretend it had never arrived.

7. Reports

• Wardens – two paving stones within church have been levelled, a new sign is to be positioned to the right of the lych-gate (the old one has rotted) and Bill has begun to polish the lych-gate.

• Treasurer- Joan has spent approximately four hours on the phone to NPower trying to negotiate a new cheaper contract. Although this has been agreed verbally, nothing concrete has been received as yet. Joan has also been sent notification from the music licence body that in future all correspondences and payment will be electronic. As this is not something Joan does, we are waiting to see what alternatives the company offer.

Coquet Churches Together £40
Insurance Monthly
Grass cutting x2 £180
Newcastle Diocesan Boards Finance
i. Funeral Rouse £130
ii. Funeral Miller £116
iii. Quota 1st instalment £7992
NPower (quarterly) £192.75
Church stall at ACT’s £30.85
Summer Fair £797.60
Funeral Rosemarie Rouse
i. PCC £207
ii. Plate Collection £228.30
Funeral Harry Miller
iii. PCC £497
iv. Plate Collection £582.91
Paper round £265
Cremation Barton-PCC £29
Summer Supper £376

Joan thanked Bill Rowntree for his wonderful donation from his paper deliveries.
It was agreed that a letter of thanks to be sent to Revd Christine Shield on behalf of the PCC to formally thank her (and her husband) for hosting a splendid supper.

• Deanery Synod Representative - no meeting

• Village Hall Representative- nothing to report

• Safeguarding Officer- nothing to report

• Ecclesiastical Issues- Revd June Barras reported that she and Sheila Pearson from Warkworth has been consulting on ideas to promote and develop Coquet Churches Together into the two parishes. This will hopefully make us more proactive within the scheme.

8. Fund Raising –

• Coffee morning 1st Sep 10am-12noon. It was agreed to have the same stalls as at the February event with the addition of a donations dish for anyone wishing more refreshments.

• Revd. Christine Shield has organised for her husband’s group, ’The Hot Tap Splutters’, to perform on Saturday 15th September. £10 per ticket to include a baked potato. Church members to be asked to supply potato fillings, salads and raffle prizes. Maximum of 90 people in the hall. ACT’s will be manning the bar.

9. Any Other Business –

• There had been a school closure service on 18 July at which Revd June Barras gave the address

• There will be a Celebration to mark the last Day of Acklington First School on 20th July.

• There was some discussion about what would happen to the Honours Board from the school hall. Bill was asked to try and ‘save’ it for the village and its final resting place could be decided once it was safe.

10. Date of Next Meeting - Thursday September 20th at 1.30pm at Moira’s.

11. Closing Prayer – led by Revd. June Barras. The meeting closed at 2.45pm.