PCC MINUTES  - 24th May 2018

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 24th May 2018 - held in the church

Present: John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Shirley Rowntree, Val Sharp, Barbara Cock, Revd June Barras and Revd Christine Shield.

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison

2. Opening Prayers - John Davison

3. Apologies – Moira Peden and Peter Wright

4. Minutes of the last meeting accepted as a true record and signed

5. Matters arising from minutes - Bill has not been able to purchase plaster for wall repairs

6. Correspondence -

• Certificate to show our Parish Share for 2017 has been paid in full
• Proposed Suspension of Presentation letter from Diocese- which Revd Christine Shield explained was an example of church bureaucracy and basically asked for the PCC’s agreement during the interregnum to our right of presentation. The secretary has 28 days to reply on behalf of the PCC and this will be done.
• Notification that we need to elect a Diocesan Synod Representative. Secretary to download the necessary forms, ensure Peter is still willing to stand and complete and return said forms. If Peter is unwilling to stand Revd. Christine Shield has volunteered her services.
• Electronic diary of church events.
• Annual request from ‘Churches Together,’ ( via Revd June Barras) for a donation of £15

7. Reports

• Wardens – slates have been replaced on the roof. Chimney hasn’t been cleaned as there are still nests in it. This should be rectified on June 6th when a longer ladder will be available to clear the chimney from the top and then a guard will be fitted to hopefully prevent future problems.

• Treasurer-
Water rates for the year £94.25
Oil £503.48
NE Fire Ltd service extinguishers £54.00
Roof repairs £480.00
Grass cutting x2 £180.00
Normal weekly
100 Club total balance £615
Tax rebate small donations scheme £1006.37
• Wise £50.00
• Mcguigan £30.00
• Foster £10.00
• Barras £20
Joan Davison has also received literature re the annual insurance which runs June 2018 to June 2019 and will be £2,700 this year. She has also received a template for treasures from Church House but much prefers her own methods.
Thank you to Barbara Cock for sorting the 100 Club which generates such a good income and to Joan Davison for keeping the books up to date.

• Deanery Synod Representative- no rep present but Revd. Christine Shield able to inform the PCC that the Diocese has had to implement an emergency budget for the first time ever and that this may impact on us.

• Village Hall Representative- no report

• Safeguarding Officer- no report

• Ecclesiastical Issues- the Christian Aid concert held earlier in the month raised £11,000. The next church rota has been drawn up to give us regular clergy until September. We have a new Rural Dean, Alison ?, she will be based in Embleton.

8. Fund Raising

• May Day sale 26/5/18 from 10am-1pm at which Bill has a stall for church.

• Summer Fair June 9th 11am-1pm to include a light lunch. A list will be presented in church and volunteers will be sort. Barbara Cock has agreed to take responsibility for the list and to try to ‘encourage’ support.

• Revd Christine Shield has organised for her husband’s group, ’The Hot Tap Splutters’, to perform in aid of church. The hall is booked for Saturday 15th September and she is suggesting a charge of £10 per ticket to include a baked potato. Church members will be asked to supply potato fillings, salads and raffle prizes. There can be a maximum of 90 people in the hall so she is hoping to be able to sell all the tickets.

• Revd Christine Shield has also volunteered to hold a Summer Supper at her home on Friday 13th July starting at 7pm. This will be limited to 30 people and members of our congregation will be given first chance to obtain tickets. The cost will be £10 per head and Christine asks that people bring bottles of wine and raffle prizes. A HUGE thank you goes to Revd Christine and her husband for such generous contributions to the church funds.

• The hall is still booked for Saturday 1st September and it was felt a good idea to leave this for a possible simple coffee morning.

9. Any Other Business

• Barbara Lamb explained that she felt our donation towards food banks would be better taken to local centres rather than to the People’s Kitchen in Newcastle. After some discussion it was decided that this was a good idea but that we should possibly still give one delivery of goods to Newcastle. Revd. June Barras is to obtain information re the best place to take good in Amble. Some nappies and food have already been gratefully accepted at Coquets Children’s Centre at Hadston.

• Rosemarie Rouse’s funeral will be Friday 15th June in church at 11am after a crematorium service at 10am.

• There was some discussion as to the positioning of the willow cross and after various points of view and opinions, it was agreed that it would stay where it was unless there was an occasion when it was deemed to be in the way in which case it can be easily moved. Revd. Christine Shield was also able to explain that as it wasn’t a permanent feature we didn’t require a faculty to have it and that during the interregnum it was up to the church wardens to make any decisions about its positioning.

• Barbara Lamb wondered if there was any interest in the idea of producing a poster of some sort to actually inform the congregation of how much it costs to keep the church running and therefore hopefully encourage a few more donations. After much discussion Revd. Christine Shield volunteered to produce a draft for such a poster for the PCC to then decide to use or not. When the expenses were broken down from nearly £24,000 per year to £65 PER DAY it seemed worth sharing this stark information within the parish.

10. Date of Next Meeting - Thursday July 19th at 1.30pm in church.

11. Closing Prayer – led by Revd Christine Shield. The meeting closed at 3pm.