PCC MINUTES  - 21st March 2018

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 21st March 2018 - held in the church

Present: John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Val Sharp, Barbara Cock, Peter Wright and Shirley Rowntree

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison and a thank you Shirley for joining the PCC

2. Opening Prayers - led by John Davison

3. Apologies – Audrey Lamb, Moira Peden and Rev June Barras

4. Appointment of Officers
• Lay Vice Chairman – John Davison – proposed Peter Wright, seconded Barbara Lamb
• Secretary – Barbara Lamb – proposed Joan Davison, seconded Val Sharp
• Treasurer – Joan Davison – proposed Barbara Lamb, seconded Bill Rowntree
• Electoral Roll Officer- Barbara Cock -proposed Bill Rowntree, seconded June Davison
• Safeguarding Officer – Janet Bell- proposed John Davison, seconded Peter Wright
• Covenant Secretary – Janet Bell – proposed Val Sharp, seconded Shirley Rowntree
• Standing Committee – one warden, vicar or lay vice chairman, treasurer and one other PCC member

5. Minutes of the last meeting - These were approved with two minor amendments: include Venerable when referring to Peter Robinson; change date for presentation of accounts to 31/12/17.

6. Matters arising from minutes
• Item 6 - Lemmington Choir were contacted but are having organisational difficulties themselves so weren’t able to offer an alternative date to come.
• Item 7- we will not be getting rid of one of the compost bins as that would then incur additional grass cutting costs to have waste token away. On hindsight two bins were useful for the wardens to tidy away wreaths and dead flowers.
• Item 9 – Women’s World Day of Prayer was cancelled because of the snow.

7. Correspondences -
Letter from Church House to PCC secretary - collecting various data about congregations and who’s in which role.
Letter and cheque from Acklington Parish Council towards last year’s grass cutting costs and promising a larger donation this year. (Letter of thanks sent).

8. Reports
• Warden – a slate is missing and Rumney roofers are to carry out the repair. The wardens have purchased some mortar to carry out pointing on part of the outside wall.
• Treasurer-
Expenditure:- N.Power £181.70
music licence £37.55
2x garden bins £72.00
Village Hall (1/1/18) £30.00
On going normal weekly + 100 club (£500)
Coffee morning £363.60
Donation P.C £250.00
• Deanery Synod Representatives - no report
• Village Hall Representative - no report
• Safeguarding Officer - no report
• Ecclesiastical Issues - no report

9. Fund-raising Events – ACT is having a table top on May 26th and Bill has booked a table.
Proposed Summer Fair on Saturday June 9th from 11am-1pm to offer light lunches. Dog Show 1st September - suggested as a replacement for the scarecrows. John to book the hall for both dates.
Rev Christine Shield has kindly volunteered the services of the Warkworth band to perform sometime in September or early October. Margaret Hammond and Christine will prepare food and Bill to book the hall.
Rev Christine Shield has also asked if we would like her to host a Summer Evening at her home where she will very kindly supply refreshments. The evening will be in late July or August and be by ticket only.

10. Any Other Business -
• Reminder of rearranged meeting at Shilbottle with Venerable Peter Robinson on Thursday 22nd March at 6.30pm.
• Reminder of the forthcoming visit of Bishop Christine on Sunday 6th May. A church cleaning day to be arranged for Saturday 5th May. Anyone associated with school to be invited to the service.
• Note made that 13 of the congregation had spent much of the day working on a willow cross which is to become a permanent feature in church.
• The lack of support at the recent APCM was discussed and noted. Only 15 of the congregation stayed for the meeting and there was no clerical representative. How to make the congregation more aware of the financial and organisational difficulties our church is facing was discussed.

11. Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 24th May at 1.30pm in church.

12. Closing Prayers – led by John Davison. Meeting closed at 2.45pm.