PCC MINUTES  - 1st February 2018

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 1st February 2018 - held in the Village Hall

Present: John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Val Sharp, Barbara Cock, Revd June Barras and Archdeacon the Venerable Peter Robinson

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison followed by introductions to and of Revd Peter Robinson.

2. Opening Prayers - Revd June Barras - with particular mention for Moira Peden recovering in hospital.

3. Apologies – Moira Peden, Audrey Lamb and Peter Wright.

4. Archdeacon’s Address

Revd Robinson began by thanking those responsible for the compilation and publication of the parish profile which he felt would interest potential applicants for the position of vicar for this parish. He also commented positively on the increased number of communicants in church.

He explained that he had come to explain the two options we had regarding the role of the new vicar and that he came with the good will of the Bishop and the Mission and Ministry Team.

Option one – to stay as we are with Acklington and Warworth sharing the vicar and Shilbottle having a House for Duty Priest.

Option two – to create a new Benefice which includes Shilbottle which would still include three parishes, three churches, three sets of church wardens and three PCCs. There would be a team leader supported by the duty priest and have a pool of retired clergy and readers to work together across the benefice.

John asked who would make the final decision as we were aware that both Warkworth and Shilbottle PCCs had already been consulted. Rev Robinson assured us that it would be up to the Bishop who would take all views into consideration before so doing.

June asked why it had taken so long to get to this point in the appointment process and was assured that we weren’t much behind the usual timetable but that such issues as having two new Bishops had slowed down recruitment rates plus the fact that Rev Dent had retired sooner than expected. There are also more jobs than applicants within the church so there are fewer vicars available.

We were then made aware that at present the benefice of Acklington and Warkworth was not a full time post and a vicar would only be employed for 0.7 of a week. The diocese couldn’t guarantee to make up the rest of the 1.0 and this could put applicants off.

The second option would result in a pastoral vicar leading a team of ordained and lay persons across the new benefice. A House For Duty priest would work three days a week with one of these being a Sunday and they would probably be based in Shilbottle.

If option two was to be selected the post would be for a vicar with a team leadership and development brief. The post would initially be for the present benefice of Acklington and Warworth to be developed to include Shilbottle. Rev Robinson felt this would be the better solution as we would gain a variety of ministry by having the opportunity to have more of a pool of skills and experiences to call upon.

It was suggested the three PCCs meet as soon as possible to share thoughts and views so help the decision making process and get a new vicar as quickly as possible. Rev Robinson said he would coordinate such a meeting. John thanked him for his time before he left.

5. Minutes of the last meeting - accepted and signed.

6. Matters arising from minutes – Lemmington Choir performance has been cancelled as Janet Bell thought it was best as there is no longer an events team. The PCC have asked John to see if he can reinstate the event as it’s a good money raiser.

7. Correspondences -

Joan has had notification of the new Parish share which is going up to £12,992.

A thank you has been received from the Children’s Society.

A letter from Mr and Mrs Little informing us of the proposed increase in grass cutting fees from £84 to £90 per cut. This was agreed to and one of the compost bins is to be returned to save some of this increase.

John has received an email from the Parish Council which suggests we will be getting a donation towards the upkeep of the church grounds.

John has had a reply to his personal letter to the Bishop and she has indicated that she would like to come a preach on 6th May to meet the congregation and show her concern for the impact that the school closure is having.

8. Presentation of 2017 Accounts -

The treasurer explained that overall we have made a loss but this is mainly because of the expense of the quinquennial report, the gutter work and the times some larger bills are presented.
Joan wanted to make a special mention of the sundry donations as Bill has contributed an amazing £616 by delivering papers and £460 by organising book sales. Bill in turn wished to thank Mr Cock for covering the paper round when he wasn’t available.
Special thanks also go to John and Roger Styring neither of whom will accept any payment for their much appreciated efforts.
The thanks of the PCC go to Joan for all the work she does to keep and present the accounts on behalf of the church. The annual accounts were accepted by the PCC.

9. Reports

• Warden – still waiting for boiler and lighting certificates.

• Treasurer- 22/11/17-1/2/18
Oil £483.27 + £513.14 £996.41
Grass cutting x 3 £252.00
Sundries- admin etc £120.00
Numerous contra transactions re PCC fees etc
Normal weekly
Victorian Fair stall £61.20
Wine and cheese £210.00
Carol service £23.50
Christingle for Children’s Society £89.50
Midnight Mass £70.05
Inscriptions –Taylor £13.00
Noble £14.00
Funeral David Currie
PCC fees £497.00
½ plate collection £213.00
Donations £120.00

• Deanery Synod Representative- Peter has agreed to be the new synod rep.

• Village Hall Representative- no report

• Safeguarding Officer- no report.

• Ecclesiastical Issues - Coquet Churches Together AGM is April 18th. Women’s World Day of Prayer is Friday 2nd March at St Lawrence’s.

10. Fund Raising Planning – Coffee Morning Saturday 17th February 10-12 noon. Raffle, cakes, books, mugs, tombola and quiz. A quick meeting to be held after the service this coming Sunday to sort finer details.

11. Any other business – thanks to Margaret Hammond for organising the flower rota. Reminder the APCM will be Sunday 18th March 2018 in church.

12. Date of next meeting – Wednesday 21st March 1.30pm in church.

13. Closing prayers. The meeting closed at 4.15pm