PCC MINUTES  - 22nd November 2017

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 22nd November 2017 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree and Revd June Barras

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

2. Opening Prayers - led by Revd June Barras.

3. Apologies – Val Sharp and Barbara Cock.

4. Minutes of the last meeting – accepted as a true copy and signed.

5. Matters arising from minutes – item 7 re the insurance inspection:- the safeguarding officers photograph is now on display, a health and safety policy has been produced, electricity and boiler safety certificates are in hand ( and we have 6 months to get them) and the rubbish will be disposed of when the weather conditions are favourable.
Bill asked about the synod representative from Warkworth giving Moira a lift to meetings and has had no response. He will contact Roger and if there is no answer he will take her to the next meeting himself.
A thank you to Mrs Hammond for supplying a sympathy card which the congregation signed for Roger after the very sad death of Jenny.

6. Correspondences - various electronic messages sent to the secretary including a regular Prayer Diary, notification of Safeguarding Training Calendar 2018 and forms to complete at the end of the year to report back on Statistics for Mission 2017.
A letter was sent to Mr Newton, chair of the parish council asking for an increase in the donation towards grass cutting. He visited Barbara and explained there were very limited funds available and that the parish were still looking into what it would cost for the council to cut the grass. John has since had a follow up email which seems to suggest that we may not even receive the usual donation. It was agreed that John would seek to have a quiet word with Mr Newton to try and resolve the situation and point out that there has been no donation since November 2016.
Joan has received a thank you for paying all our quota and information about next year’s share which doesn’t appear to be sorted yet.

7. Reports

• Wardens – they have a meeting with the Archdeacon on 4th December but don’t know why.

• Treasurer-
Expenditure:- Funerals etc to Diocese £178.00
Wine /wafers/candles £285.81
Ongoing NPower
Income:- after 20/9/17 Normal weekly
Monument (Woodhead) £ 13.00
Donation McGuigan £ 30.00
Northumbrian Evening £276.50
After Baptism Plate £ 59.00
Autumn Fair £962.56

• Deanery Synod Representative- nothing to report

• Events Group– no representative present but on behalf of the PCC thanks went to them for all their efforts. The fair had been their last event and it had been a great success. There is to be a Cheese and Wine at Inglenook on 17th December from 2-4.30pm with a suggested donation of £5. John to get a poinsettia as a thank you.
The PCC will now have to arrange events and need to ensure the village hall is booked well in advance. Joan suggested we reverted to just having tea/coffee and biscuits to save on the work load. Check that Barbara C is happy to carry on running the 100 Club.
The Leamington Choir is booked for the new year and it was suggested that we organise a Soup Kitchen in February.

• Village Hall Representative- nothing to report.

• Safeguarding Officer- nothing to report.

• Ecclesiastical Representative - although Coquet Churches Together focuses more on Amble churches, they are happy to publish dates and times of our seasonal services. Sunday December 24th 10.45am sung Eucharist, 6pm Christingle and Blessing of the Crib, 11pm Midnight Mass.
Revd. June Barras has completed a course about Helping Others To Create A Safe Place and received a certificate. Village Christmas card is in hand and Roger will be printing them as usual. The Travelling Crib should be sorted in time to set off on its journey, although the actual crib is still missing.

8. Chairman’s Slot – as we needed a Health and Safety Policy, John had drafted one for the PCC to agree so he could sign it on their behalf. Bill is to be named as being in charge of First Aid arrangements and will check the box regularly. Barbara L named as having an up to date First Aid Certificate. Thanks to John for preparing this document.
John informed the PCC that he had sent a personal letter to the Bishop to express his personal disgust at the total lack of support given by the diocese to school during the proposed closure procedure.
Carol service arrangements – Bill suggested that we organise such a service as it has been requested by some people who don’t normally attend church. John has produced a list of possible carols and Barbara L has some ideas for readings. Revd. June Barras and Barbara L are to liaise and put together the final programme. Revd. June Barras has happily agreed to lead the service at 6pm on Wednesday 20th December.

9. Any other business – ACT are organising a Victorian Christmas Market on 9th December from 11-3pm and Bill has volunteered to have a stall for the church. He will check whether anyone else is having a tombola and/or whether there are any items left from the recent gift stall. The congregation will then be asked for any contributions to furnish either category.

10. PCC Meetings 2018
Wednesday January 24th 2pm
APCM Sunday March 18th 11.45am
Wednesday March 21st 2pm
Wednesday May 23rd 7pm
Wednesday July 18th 7pm
Wednesday September 19th 7pm
Wednesday November 21st 2pm

11. Date of next meeting – January 24th 2018 2pm

12. Closing Prayer
- led by Revd June Barras.  Meeting closed at 6.10pm.