PCC MINUTES  - 20th September 2017

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 20th September 2017 - at the home of Moira Peden

Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree , Peter Wright, Val Sharp and Revd June Barras.

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

2. Opening Prayers - led by Revd. June Barras.

3. Apologies - Barbara Cock and Revd Christine Shield

4. Minutes of the last meeting - accepted as a true copy and signed.

5. Matters arising from minutes -

• The PCC had voted to reopen church and Bill reported this had caused no issues. He’d discussed this with the insurance evaluator who assured him that closing for two weeks had been the correct thing to do as it alerted the thief that we were aware of their activities but also assured Bill that the building was insured even if open as this is what would be expected.
• John had emailed Roger Styring about Revd June Barras being omitted from the church rota. The rota has now been redrafted to everyone’s satisfaction.

6. Correspondence -

• A meeting for treasurers on 25/09/17 in Newcastle re: payments to visiting clergy.
• An invitation from church ecclesiastical insurers to encourage people to use them for home insurance. They will donate £130 for everyone who does.
• Bill had a phone call from the stone mason for permission to put an inscription on the gravestone of Mrs G Williamson – there are no objections to this.

7. Reports -

4/8/17 – boiler was serviced but we are still awaiting a part so heating can’t go on at present.
9/8/17 – painted memorial seats
24/8/17 – gutters were finally repaired
26/8/17 – levelled paving slabs in church
17/8/17 – power washed the lych gate and paving
8/9/17 – electrician checked church for a quote
19/9/17 – insurance evaluation inspection was carried out with the following findings:
o We must have a notice of who the safeguarding officer is on display on the noticeboard
o We must have a health and safety policy --- to be downloaded from the insurers website and adopted
o Need a electric safety test certificate --- in hand
o Need a boiler safety certificate--- in hand
o Must get rid of rubbish behind organ and old door from lean to beside the boiler house --- Bill given permission to throw what he feels is rubbish, Barbara L to enquire whether Ivan could use or lose the doors
o All electrics (hoovers, water boiler, small heaters) must have test stickers--- Bill to ask electrician to do this
o Need regular checks on gravestones as there have been lots of claims for injures --- wardens have done and do this regularly.
Thanks went to both wardens for all they have done and continue to do.

Grass cutting £168 x 3 = £504
Wafers £19.24
Gutterman £1,600
Quota £12,752
normal weekly
Funerals (4) Hazel Renton, David Coils, Gladys Williamson, Malcolm Pritchard
Scarecrows £729.70
Donations £100 cheque (Pickering)
Thanks went to Joan for all her efforts keeping us solvent.

Deanery Synod Representatives – as Mrs Truman didn’t send Moira a reminder and then rang her on the day of the meeting, there is no report. It was suggested that we ask for minutes form meeting to be sent and that Bill will enquire who from Warkworth will be attending meetings and whether a lift could be arranged in future. We still need a second representative and John will ‘advertise’ the vacancy on the redemptorist sheets.

Events Group – no rep present. John reported on the scarecrow event which had done extremely well especially considering the weather. There was the usual struggle to get entrances and it may become a biannual event to try and regenerate interest. The next church event is a Northumbrian Evening in the Village Hall on 7th October.

Village Hall Representative – there was nothing to report from Mary.

Safeguarding Officer – there was nothing to report from Janet.

* Revd June asked if she could be regarded as our Ecclesiastical Representative to report back (under this agenda item) on such issues as Coquet Churches Together. This was agreed.

8. Parish Profile -

John firstly thanked all for attending to meeting chaired by Area Dean Jim Robertson at which we were told we’d need a new parish profile. The congregation had been invited to add/offer their views and comments for be included. John has put together a draft profile to present to the PCC for discussion.
Everyone was very impressed with the document and extended their thanks to John for his efforts. Some small amendments were suggested and will be included.
After seeing the initial ideas from Warkworth, it was decided that we would rather submit our own profile as we are a separate church body with our own unique characteristics and requirements. Bill is to discuss this suggestion with Rob Collins with the additional view that a joint letter should accompany the profiles.

9. Any Other Business -

• Revd June Barras gave two posters to the wardens to display in church. Both are related to the prison, one being about Angel Tree which is a scheme to provide presents for prisoner’s children and the second highlighting the fact that 8th-14th October is a prayer week for prisoners.
• The PCC were updated on Jenny Styring and were saddened to hear that her condition has deteriorated so much. This also explained why Roger has not necessarily done all his usual jobs for church which may result in no redemptorist sheets for a few weeks.
• Harvest Festival will be Sunday 1st October and John is to invite any/all to help decorate church on Saturday 30th September.
• It was suggested that anyone who reads in church be encouraged to move the microphone as appropriate.
• Secretary was asked to send a letter to the Parish Council to ask for a donation towards grass cutting.

10. Closing prayers - Led by Revd June, with a particular mention for Jenny and Roger.

11. Date of next meeting - November 22nd at 4pm- the meeting closed at 8.45pm.