PCC MINUTES  - 19th July 2017

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 19th July 2017 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree , Peter Wright, Val Sharp, Joyce Aynsley, Barbara Cock and Revd Christine Shield.

1. Welcome - by Chair John Davison and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

2. Opening Prayers - led by Revd. Christine Shield.

3. Apologies – Revd June Barras.

4. Minutes of the last meeting – accepted as a true copy and signed.

5. Matters arising from minutes
• Declaration forms given to Peter and Val to complete and return to Bill.
• Margaret Hammond hasn’t mounted the Indian picture yet.
• Revd June Barras has stitched the dedication for the burse and veil but it hasn’t as yet been attached. Once it has been, Revd Christine Shield said it would be blessed and it was agreed that Revd Mike Dent and Fran would be invited.
• Mary Guy has agreed to be the village hall representative as she already attends the meetings on behalf of the Women’s Institute.
6. Correspondences - As chairperson, John received an email from Janet Bell explaining that this would be the last year that the events group would be functioning. Some members have moved away, all are a little older and it is becoming more of a worry for those involved. It was suggested by Janet that we all increase our giving to help raise more funds and reduce the need for as many events.  We obviously respect their wishes and thank them all for all their efforts.

7. Reports

• Wardens – we still need an electrician to test the lights.
Bill has contacted the Gutterman who advertises in the Pelican to get a quote for the gutter work.
Peter will be able to help Bill check for any issues within and around the church once he is on his summer holidays and one job will be to paint a yellow edge on the step by the lych gate.
Bill had locked the church because of the theft of the book money and because the police advised him so to do as insurance wouldn’t cover an open building. After some discussion it was agreed that the church should be reopened. Revd Christine Shield expressed her view that it is a sacred space which people like to use. The church insurers are to be approached and if they insist the building is closed we will reconsider the position. John proposed the church be opened, Moira seconded and the PCC voted – 8 for, 1 against and 2 abstain.

• Treasurer-
Expenditure from 24/5/17
Insurance (June)      214.27
Water rates (year)     91.40
Grass cutting (May)  168.00
Oil                             446.25
Grass cutting (June) 168.00
Normal weekly
Summer fair             843.91
Plate collection          89.06
(Revd Mike Dent’s last service ½ with Warkworth)

• Deanery Synod representatives - Joyce explained that Parish Giving was the main topic with the emphasis again on the congregation using direct debit which is linked to inflation when giving. She had various pamphlets and leaflets as examples of what could be distributed to explain how monies are used within the church to encourage, especially visitors, to give more. After much discussion John decided he would take away all the literature and assimilate the facts to present to the PCC at a later meeting.

• Events Group - at this point in time there are no entries for the scarecrow event, but this is not unusual and Barbara C was still very hopeful for a good turn out. The event has been advertised in the paper and leaflets have been put through doors. There is a list at the back of church for helpers, food contributions or monitory donations. There will be a tombola, bottle stall, refreshments and maps for sale in the hall.
The proposed Northumbrian Evening is still not finalised nor has it been abandoned.
The Christmas Fair has been booked.

• DBS - nothing to report.

8. School Consultation - it was reported that the governors of JCSC have proposed that Acklington First School closes at the end of December 2017. This apparently marks the end of the informal consultation; formal consultation begins on September 4th for a few weeks and then goes to the County Council.
Peter was also able to explain the JSCS are now not going ahead with the proposed refurbishments and this will not help Acklington’s position. He also assured the PCC that various scenarios had been put forward by the business manager. One possibility could be that Acklington First School closes and then reopens as a free school but it would need 18 pupils to pay for 1 teacher and 1 secretary but this still wouldn’t ensure all health and safety issues were covered.
As chairperson, John had been given a letter received by Bill from Stephen Bush, chair of the action group, who had written to express the disappointment felt due to the lack of support from the diocese throughout the whole consultation period. Mr Bush feels that the school has been abandoned by the church and he wanted the PCC to know that the diocese had let them down.

9. Meeting with the Archdeacon - this is now to be a meeting with the retired Area Dean Jim Robertson. John asked Bill, as church warden, if he knew what the meeting would be about. Bill assumes it will be to explain the process involved in appointing a new vicar but added that it had been hinted that interviews could be as soon as September, an appointment made by January and a vicar in post by Easter 2018.

10. Any other business
The PCC noted that the staffing rota has been compiled without any inclusion of Revd June Barras. Neither Bill nor Peter were present at the meeting when it was organised and are therefore unable to give any clues as to why this oversight occurred. After some discussion it was agreed that John would email Roger Styring to try to rectify the situation and hope it doesn’t happen again.
Joyce announced that she hoped to be moving to Morpeth in the near future so would no longer be the deanery synod representative and therefore no longer a member of the PCC. John wished her well on behalf of the PCC and thanked her for all her efforts.

11. Date of next meeting – Wednesday September 20th 7pm.

12. Closing prayers by John as Revd Christine Shield had left early. The meeting closed at 8.45pm