PCC MINUTES  - 24th May 2017

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 24th May 2017 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Barbara Cock, Peter Wright and Revd June Barras.

1. Welcome - by Chairperson John Davison for the first meeting in the interregnum with a special mention for our new church warden Peter. Thanks to Moira for her continued hospitality.

2. Opening Prayers - led by John with a particular reference to the terrorist attack in Manchester earlier this week.

3. Apologies – Revd. Christine Shield, Val Sharp and Joyce Aynsley.

4. Minutes of the last meeting – Revd June Barras to add to the list of apologies. Minutes agreed, signed and dated.

5. Matters arising from minutes –

 Val and Peter need the disclaimer forms to complete as members of the PCC. Bill knows where these are and will sort them out.
 As far as we are aware, Janet will still be the DBS representative and a member of the events committee.
 Moira is to check Margaret Hammond has the fabric painting to display.

6. Correspondences –

 information about ecotoilets was passed on from Mike and is to be filed until required.
 Bill had various letters re the burse and veil for Mike’s ‘leaving present’. He was thanked both for ordering the set and for the actual presentation in church. Revd June Barras is in the process of adding a dedication to the burse.

7. Reports

• Wardens – Peter was asked to say a few words about himself by way of introduction. This he did and the PCC found it most useful.
Bill reported that there had been a meeting with Revd Christine to begin to sort rotas for the interregnum. Revd Margaret Hobrough is now Christine’s mentor but she is still the main person to contact if anyone has a query.
Bill had a meeting with the Area Dean and as far as he can tell we could have a long wait for a new vicar and they will probably have more churches to cover. The vicarage is to be rented out in six monthly slots asap. No one knows when an advertisement will even be issued. Revd Peter Robinson, the Arch Deacon, is in charge but unwell at present.
Peter and Bill went to Belford for their visitation and to be sworn in as church wardens.
On the fabric… Bill has the materials required to sort the floor tiles. The gutters still need to be looked at but he is having difficulties finding someone to do the job. We still need nets on the chimney to stop the birds building nests, but everyone approached says they will need scaffolding and this will make the job extremely expensive.

• Treasurer-
Palm Crosses and candles 50.03
Vicar’s retirement 255.33
NE Fire Ltd 103.20
Vicar’s expenses 182.33
Grass cutting 168.00
Income:- Normal weekly
Wise (envelope) donation
Burial of ashes –John Taylor 113.00
Donations x2 from Vicar
Spring Fair net profit 809.63

• DBS- nothing to report

• Events Group –Summer Fair Saturday 3rd June 11-1pm. It was noted that we need to ensure we have a plan as to what happens to any leftover bric-a-brac to avoid any complaints. Advance notice for the Scarecrow competition is in the Pelican, it will be a week earlier than usual – August 5th. The next events meeting will be June 5th at Barbara’s at 2pm.

• Village Hall Representative – Revd June Barras explained this would be her last report as she is moving soon. (John is to ’advertise’ the position on the Redemptorist sheet.) The request for a key for the hall was again lodged and we are still no further forward. School had asked if they could have a key so that in the event of a serious health and safety issue they could evacuate to the hall. June pointed out the church is always open and it is closer.

8. Chairpersons Slot

John had copied chapter 13 of the quinquennial report, which gave a summary of the repairs in order of priority, to distribute to members of the PCC. Category A repairs are urgent and they were looked at in more detail. The slates have been repaired, the guttering is in hand, we need scaffolding to tackle the chimney and Bill can’t find an electrician to sort the boiler house…..but is still working on this issue.
John then raised the consultation which has begun for the possible closure of the village school. He read some of the points on the documentation (available on line at the school’s website) and made everyone aware of the meeting which is to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 25th May with a view to develop a plan to save the school.

9. Any other business

Revd June Barras told us of her move to Alnwick and the fact that she will still be able to attend and fulfil her obligations within the parish. John thanked her for her efforts both as the PCC village hall rep and as a member of the PCC.

10. Date of next meeting – Wednesday 19th July at 7pm.

11. Closing prayers. Meeting finished at 8.55pm.