PCC MINUTES  - 22nd March 2017

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 22nd March 2017 - at the home of Moira Peden

  Revd Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Val Sharp, Joyce Aynsley and Revd Christine Shield.

Welcome - by Chair Revd Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality. A particular welcome extended to new members Val and Peter (in his absence).

1. Opening Prayers - led by Revd Mike Dent.

2. Apologies – Barbara Cock and Peter Wright.

3. Minutes of the last meeting – accepted and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from minutes - none, but as this was the first meeting since the APCM, the following representatives needed to be officially appointed and recorded.

Lay Chairman – John Davison
Lay Secretary – Barbara Lamb
Treasurer – Joan Davison
Independent Auditor – Roger Styring
DBS Officer– Janet Bell (Mike to check since she is no longer on PCC)
School Governor – Barbara Lamb
Electoral Role Officer – Flora Steele
Gift Aid – Janet Bell ( Mike to check)
Village Hall Rep. – Revd June Barras

Sides persons - to remain the same.
Refreshment list – to remain the same.
John to add an item to the reading sheets to explain if anyone wishes to be included or removed from any lists they are to inform the relevant person.

Events group – Janet Bell, Barbara Cock, Mary Guy, Joanne Halliwell, Margaret Hammond. There is at least one vacancy as Fran will be leaving.

5. Correspondences -
Parish Giving Scheme information received prior to a seminar in Alnwick attended by Barbara. Mike explained that it is basically a way of trying to increase the amount people give on a regular basis. Ideally, the church would like giving to be done using direct debit and then to have that linked to the annual rise in inflation. The meeting was also trying to encourage the clergy to ‘invite’ the congregation to consider leaving legacies in their wills.
Neither of these suggestions was accepted with any enthusiasm but the PCC needed to be made aware of these issues which will continue to be ‘pushed’ especially in the light of the reduction from central church funds to be felt over the next nine years.

6. Reports – not much to add since APCM

• Warden –A Memorial stone to Brian Barras is to be installed on Wednesday 29th March.
   Bill was thanked for his newspaper deliveries which is adding £12 per week to church funds.

• Treasurer -
Architect £605.70
Garden bins x2 £62.00
Hayes and Finch £18.68
Music licence £35.46
Oil £483.00
N Power £116.99
Normal weekly
100 club £620
Shank’s funeral 14/2/17 £165.80 plate
Shank’s funeral PCC £174
Monument PCC £118
Tax rebate re Gift Aid £1767.04

• DBS – it was hoped that Janet would continue in her role and Mike will confirm this. Peter and Val will need to complete declaration forms to be added to those in safe keeping.

• Events Group - Saturday 25th March is our Spring fair with  soup and stalls in the hall... 11am-1pm.

7. Vicar’s slot - as it was Mike’s last PCC he was keen to point out how well church was doing and how much the congregation had grown over the four years he’s been with us. We now have 40+ regular attenders. He is sure that everything will be left in good stead when he retires in May.

8. Any other business

June asked that if the school are using the church for Easter could they be asked to leave it in a tidier state than they did at Christmas. Mike to pass this on.

John asked if there was anything urgent to be addressed in the architect’s report. Mike said there was nothing urgent so not to rush into anything.

Moira had been given the name of a recommended organ tuner/repaired for whenever it was felt we needed a visit - Harrison and Harrison. It was also thought that the huge expense of ever repairing the organ could be better spent buying a new electronic option. A decision not needing to be made yet.

We have been given a hand painted fabric painting of the Last Supper. It comes from Dawn Shaw who was given it by a group of disabled Indian children with the intention it be displayed in our church. Margaret Hammond is to be asked to back it and mount it. Once on display a letter of thanks will be sent.

9. Date of next meeting – arranged 24th May 2017 at 7pm

10. Closing prayers.

The meeting ended at 3.15pm