PCC MINUTES  25th May 2016

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 25h May 2016 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree , Janet Bell, Keith Bell and Revd June Barras.

1. Welcome - by Chair Revd Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality. A particular welcome to Revd June Barras who was invited by the PCC so can attend meetings even though she is retired clergy.

2. Opening Prayers - led by Revd Mike Dent… which included a thank you for Janet’s much improved health.

3. Apologies – Barbara Cock, Revd Christine Shield and Joyce Aynsley.

4. Minutes of the last meeting – accepted and signed as a true record.

5. Matters arising from minutes - none, but as this was the first meeting since the APCM, the following representatives need to be officially recorded.

Lay Chairman – John Davison
Lay Secretary – Barbara Lamb
Treasurer – Joan Davison
Independent Auditor – Roger Styring
DBS Officer – Janet Bell
School Governor – Barbara Lamb
Electoral Roll Officer – Flora Steele
Gift Aid – Janet Bell
Village Hall Rep. – Revd June Barras

6. Correspondences - Bill has received a pack from SPAB Maintenance Co-operatives Project which aims to help people identify things which need to be done within a church and how some of these jobs can be done ‘in house’. It has probably been introduced to cut down on the need for faculties and the red tape they generate. The church architect still needs to be contacted and consulted if any repairs are to be carried out.
Joan has received the Ecclesiastical paper ‘Church Matters’ which includes a competition with a winning prize of £10,000. The aim is to submit a paper outlining what your church does to help the local community. Although it was felt more likely to apply to inner city churches, John has agreed to take it away and decide whether it would be worth his time to produce an entry.
Joan has also completed a survey for church house.

7. Reports

• Warden – the boiler has been fixed. The birds nest has been removed from the chimney. The birds have been chased from the lychgate. Bill attended the Archdeacon’s visitation and was again asked if he was the only church warden. Being able to assure the archdeacon that our congregation is growing seems have satisfied him.
We recently calculated that we have a nucleus congregation of 42 and that is very good when the size of the population is considered. June also added that those who visit, especially as one off visitors, always comment on how friendly and welcoming we are.

• Treasurer -
Water rates £92.30
Plaque lychgate (restricted) £26.77
Refit roof slates £75.00
Hayes and Finch £34.00
Quota 1st payment £6089.00
Music licence £34.88
Sweep (boiler) £175.00
Churchyard grass £336.00
Normal weekly
Easter fair £883.15
Christening £174.56
St. George’s Tea £504.30
Books- ongoing over £20
Tax rebate ‘extra’ £860.03
It was suggested that a letter be sent to the Parish Council to explain how much the grass cutting is now costing, how much this improves the look of the village and inviting then (persuasively) to donate more towards this.

It was mentioned that the area of the church yard where the graves of David Hammond and Roland Sharp are situated, had not been cut. This is probably because the daffodils in this area haven’t died down yet. Bill will quietly enquire about this issue when the cutters next come.

• DBS - Janet reported that Julia Roberts, the head of the diocese DBS, had unexpectedly died.

• Events –. The Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea on June 4th was all in hand. More bottles and cakes would be gratefully received. Janet was liaising with Alison by phone and ACT will be doing a house drop to advertise the event. Depending on how successful the event is, we will give ACT a donation of up to £15.

• Village Hall- nothing to report but to be aware that any issues are to be passed on to June to raise on our behalf.

8. Vicar’s slot -
Bishop Christine will be visiting Alnwick Deanery at the end of June. There will be an open Deanery Synod at St. Michael’s to which two extra church members are invited. Mike will be hosting the Bishop for an hour and a half and it will be up to her as to how this visit develops.
The service at Embleton was very good and Acklington was well represented.
Richard Gascoigne, at the Bishop’s request, wants a stewardship campaign to be initiated. Mike has suggested that the four Advent sermons be used for this. Richard will be coming to present a sermon sometime in July.

9. Any other business –
 Could the heating be turned off now? Yes, so bring a jumper.
 Can the next two meetings be in the evening so that Joyce can attend? This was agreed and there is a change to the date of the September meeting.
Wednesday 27th July 7pm
Wednesday 14th September 7pm
 Revd June informed us that the village raised over £162 for Christian Aid, that she has some ideas for the presentation of the Years Mind book and that she is becoming involved in the Restoration for Justice Scheme at the prison.

10. Date of next meeting – arranged 27th July 2016 at 7pm

11. Closing prayers. 3.20pm