PCC MINUTES  27th January 2016

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 27th January 2016- at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Audrey Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree , Keith Bell, Janet Bell, Barbara Cock and Christine Shield.

1. Welcome - by John in Mike’s absence and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

2. Opening Prayers - led by Christine

3. Apologies – Revd. Mike Dent, Joyce Aynsley

4. Minutes of the last meeting – accepted as a true record and signed

5. Matters arising from minutes -

An update on the lychgate. The War Memorial Trust has given a cheque for £3170 which is slightly less than anticipated but due to a reduced overall bill. There is still a surplus after all bills were paid and this will be held in the restricted fund for future projects. Bill is to look into getting a plaque to display in the lychgate.
Lee (the gardener) has been seen by Bill who has asked for a quote for the cutting of the church grass for the season. Lee suggests it will take 2 men 3 hours to complete the task on each visit.
A cheque from Acklington Parish Council, for £250, for the upkeep of the churchyard has now been received.
It was discussed, and agreed, that a music licence should be obtained to avoid any copyright issues over the coming year.

6. Correspondences -

£250 cheque from Acklington Parish Council towards maintenance of the churchyard. The letter acknowledges that the initial request was dated 10th October 2015. A thank you has been sent.

‘Evangelism Way Ahead’, booklets from the Diocese which, ‘are a resource to raise awareness of simple, practical ways to share faith.’ Distributed to members of the PCC.

7. Reports -

• Warden – there had been some concern at the previous Sunday service that the tiles around the altar were rather wet. Bill has had a builder check and the cause is condensation due to the temperature at that end of the church and the weather this winter. Hopefully, the situation will improve as the weather warms up. Christine suggested we wait for a warm day and open all the doors the give the building a good airing. We could possible link such an occasion with an opportunity to sell tea and cakes to any passers-by. The events committee have noted the suggestion.
The thanks of the PCC were given to Bill for all the work he continues to do as warden.

• Treasurer-Joan presented the annual accounts for the PCC to consider and adopt before the AGM in March. (copy on file) She explained much of the data and emphasised that it was because there were six funerals last year that the plate collection was so much higher than the previous year. The expenditures were slightly down but this was mainly because of the timings of oil orders and the fact that fuel prices had fallen.
Joan wanted to again thank John for not claiming any expenses for his organ playing, for Roger for auditing the accounts for nothing and for the work Bill does to help reduce expenditure. The acceptance of the accounts were proposed by Keith and seconded by Bill.
Joan was thanked on behalf of the PCC for all she does as treasurer.

• DBS- Janet had nothing to report except that there were lots of courses available to attend but that we were up to date.

• Events – the following dates have been booked and more information will be given as the year go on.
19th March Eggstraordinary Fair –11am-1pm - Easter themed with raffles, tombola, lunches, bottles and bulb stalls
23rd April – Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall 2-4pm
11th June- Summer Fair -11am-1pm
13th August – Scarecrow Day – 11am-4.30pm
24th September – Northumbrian Evening
12th November - Autumn Fair -11am-1pm

8. Vicar’s slot -

Mike had asked John to enquire when and where the Lent course would be meeting. It was agreed that the first meeting would be in church after morning prayers on Wednesday 17th February. It could then be decided where and when subsequent meetings would be held (if church was deemed unsuitable). Sunday March 13th was proposed as date for AGM but so many people would be missing that John was taking this back to Mike.
Christine explained her idea to put an article into next month’s Pelican inviting anyone who was interested in helping in and around church to get in touch. She, rightly, feels that there are probably many non-church goers who would like to contribute something towards the upkeep of their parish church. The idea was gratefully accepted by the PCC.

9. Any other business –

June Barras has volunteered to represent the PCC on the Village Hall Committee. This will mean she passes on any information that either the committee needs to tell the PCC or vice versa and will not mean June has to attend PCC meetings. This was agreed and John will inform the secretary of the Village Hall Committee by email.
Christine wished to express her admiration for the ‘layed back’ attitude of Acklington PCC and the way that nothing seems to faze us and that most things are possible because we support one another.
Joan was concerned that Bill and Shirley were not only being responsible for the opening and closing of the church each day, but also for the cleaning. After much discussion Bill decided to leave any decisions till after Christine’s piece in the Pelican.

10. Date of next meeting – arranged 16th March 2016 at 2pm

11. Closing prayers - the meeting closed at 3.40pm