The Parish of St John The Divine, Acklington

Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church meeting of St John The Divine, Acklington held on Sunday 22nd and beginning at 11.50 am.

: Revd Mike Dent, Caron Torbohm, John Davison, June Davison, Barbara Lamb, Audrey Lamb, Joan Davison, Ingo Torbohm, Moira Peden, Pat Hawkins, Bill Rowntree, Fran Dent, Jackie Taylor, Vera Taylor, Mary Guy, Margaret Hammond, David Bradbrooke, Keith Bell, Janet Bell, Barbara Cock, Flora Steele, Derek Steele.

01. Opening Prayer: Opening prayers were led by the Revd. Mike Dent

02. Apologies: Shirley Rowntree, Robyn Rowntree and Joyce Aynsley.

03. Vestry Meeting

Churchwarden William Rowntree was re-elected again in the absence of any other nominations.
William Rowntree - proposed by Pat Hawkins and seconded by Joan Davison.

Notice given that Pat Hawkins wished to stand down as churchwarden, thanks proposed for all she has done in her term of office.

No other candidates offered to stand in as another warden; Mike feels this will not look good within the Diocese.

Thanks offered to Bill for his time and commitment to the church.

04. Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2014

The Revd. Mike Dent read out the minutes from the last APCM held on 9th March, 2014 in church. A unanimous show of hands accepted the minutes as a true record, proposed by Bill Rowntree and seconded by Barbara Lamb.

05. Matters arsing: None

06. Presentation of the Accounts

The PCC have already accepted the accounts as correct in their last PCC meeting.

07. The Reports

(a) Electoral Roll- not to be renewed until 2019.
(b) APCM report on proceedings of the PCC- John Davison commented on Caron standing down.
(c) Report on the numbers giving Gift Aid and covenants.
(d) Report by the churchwardens on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the church in good order, no report supplied.
(e) Report of the Deanery Synod- copy of the report attached.
(f) Report on the proceedings of the Local Ministry Development Group- copy of the report attached.
(g) Report by the PCC School Governor representative on the activities of the village school- copy of the report attached.
(h) Report from the Sunday school leaders- no report as no Sunday school activity at the moment.
(i) Events group report- £4,797.95 in funds raised, group thanked for their magnificent effort.

Revd. Mike Dent presented his report on the ministry of St John The Divine Acklington; John Davison proposed a vote of thanks.

08. The Elections

Deanery Synod Representatives (2), Moira Peden and Joyce Aynsley.
PCC members (9) elected.  Derek Steele standing down, Barbara Cock and Audrey Lamb offered to join the PCC.
Sides Persons all re-elected.
Independent Examiner of Accounts - Roger Styring elected.

09. Any other business

Mary Guy proposed thanks for the Flower rota and Margaret Hammondís efforts in the organisation.
John Davison thanked the vicar for his comprehensive report and all his good work.

10. Closing Prayers

The Revd. Mike Dent led closing prayers and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting ended at 12.45 pm.