PCC MINUTES  23rd September 2015

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting held at 2 p.m. on 23rd September 2015 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd. Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Joan Davison, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree , Janet Bell, Keith Bell and Barbara Cock.

01  Welcome by Chair Revd Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

02  Opening Prayers led by Revd Mike Dent.

03  Apologies Christine Shield, Audrey Lamb and Joyce Aynsley

04  Minutes of the last meeting – accepted and signed

05  Matters arising from minutes

Update on the lychgate. When John sent his initial form to the War Memorial Trust asking for a grant, he had estimated the cost of the work at £5,650. A 70% grant of £4,000 wasn’t offered, but the WMT have agreed to pay £3,260 on completion of the work. This would leave a short fall of £2,390. Up to press charities, companies and individual donations amount to £2,265 leaving the funds £125 short. The involvement of the architect is one of the biggest expenses, so John has politely suggested that he doesn’t need to be overly involved until the work is finished.
John has met with the builders and had the contract signed. They hope to begin the work in the next couple of weeks and take up to three weeks to complete the job. It was agreed that a special service would be appropriate on Remembrance Day to ‘unveil’ the gate.
The PCC were happy for John to sign and return the WMT contract on their behalf.

There has been no volunteer forthcoming to be a village hall representative. Moira suggested asking Mary Guy and agreed so to do.

06  Correspondences - nothing of note.

07  Reports

Churchwarden – half the churchyard grass has been cut and hopefully the remainder will be soon. J. Stoddart of Turners Funeral Care has very kindly donated a pair of oak coffin trestles.
Thanks went to Bill for all his work which is much appreciated.

Treasurer -
Normal weekly income including various donations / Scarecrows £721.81
Plants for churchyard £20 / Door lock £5 / Insurance £504.79 (3rd instalment) / N Power £17.80
Joan asked that a letter be sent to the Parish Council asking, politely, for an annual contribution towards the upkeep of the churchyard.

Janet and Mike have attended safeguarding meetings and been awarded certificates for their efforts. Some members of the church will need to complete confidential declaration forms. Brian Dobson, from Warkworth, will produce a mission statement for both parishes and organise a meeting for the relevant members from each church to sort out all that is required. At the moment we have all in place that is necessary.

Pie and pea supper with beetle drive is the next event on Saturday 10th October. Tickets and posters are prepared. Mike and Fran are making the ‘pie’ which will not be a pastry offering.
The Autumn Fair will be Saturday 7th November and there will be a meeting in church on Sunday 18th October to organise stalls etc.

08  Vicar’s slot

Richard Gascoigne is looking to organise a meeting for both parishes. This is on behalf of the Bishop and Archdeacon’s initiatives to increase giving and discipleship.
Mike has been to a meeting with Christine Cuthbert ( head of First School) at Alnwick and impressed with her enthusiasm. There are now 15 children on role with 2 more in the pipeline.
Reform and Renewal meeting at Hexham was briefly explained. The key points of the initiative remaining that parishes will receive less money from the Church and be expected to use more non stipendiary clergy. After all the meetings and planning it will still be up to the new Bishop to decide whether to go ahead with any proposed changes.
Harvest service will be Sunday 4th October and the People’s Kitchen have asked that we collect tinned meats for them. The church will be decorated on Friday 2nd October at 10.30am.

09  Any other business

Due to the terrible response to the steeplechase event this year, John felt compelled to write to the organiser and complain about the lack of publicity which had resulted in parishioners spending hours waiting in church for no ‘customers’. The reply explained that all vicars and church wardens had been sent all the necessary information by e-bulletin and that everything required is now on line. The PCC would far rather ‘hard copies’ of all information was sent or that the event was cancelled.

10  Date of next meeting – arranged Tuesday 24th November 2015 at 7pm.

11  Closing prayers - led by Revd Mike Dent.  The meeting closed at 4pm