PCC MINUTES  22nd January 2015

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 22nd January 2015 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Caron Torbohm, Joan Davison, Derek Steele, Barbara Lamb, Bill Rowntree, Pat Hawkins, Janet Bell and Keith Bell.

01. Welcome by Chair Revd. Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

02. Opening Prayers led by Revd. Mike Dent.

03. Apologies for absence: Joyce Aynsley

04. Minutes of the last meeting:

All PCC members agreed with the minutes being a true record of the last meeting, signed by Mike.

05. Matters arising:

• Lychgate War Memorial Feedback -
John Davison has read and sorted all the information left by ex-churchwarden Ken Denholm.  Not all the forms are completed or questions answered. John recommends that we contact architect David Jowett with a view to resurrecting the project.  John agreed to be the named contact but advised that we would need a formal resolution to proceed.  Barbara Lamb proposed that the PCC proceeds with the project to repair the lychgate.  Bill Rowntree seconded the proposal.  All agreed and the resolution was carried unanimously.

• Grass cutting - a cheque for £250 has been received from the Parish Council.

• Any other business - Tessa Sayers volunteered to play the organ for the Midnight Mass service at Christmas so it was not necessary to use the sound system for the playing of carols.

06. Correspondence:

• Barbara Lamb has received a thank you from the People’s Kitchen, letter of thanks to be displayed in church.
• Children’s Society has acknowledged the funds raised by the church, letter to be displayed in church.
• A contact from St. Barnabas Hospice has written again asking for charitable contributions.  Letter kept on file.
• CEPG: letter regarding electricity was read out and filed.
• Energy bills correspondence: Joan Davison will speak with Roger at St Lawrence’s about different providers.

07. Reports:

• Churchwardens - the tap on the north wall of church has been insulated to prevent frost damage.

• Treasurer-
Income 2014/2015
Acklington Parish Council- £250/ Memory Tree- £74.50/ Prayer Candles (total 2014) - £49.34/ Crib- £30.05/ Wine & Cheese- £300/ Funerals x 3/ John Davison Quiz- £50/ various donations.
Expenditure 2014- Quota- final payment of £ 3000/ Oil- £630/ Churchyard- £250/ Children’s Society (Christingle) £99.13/ Vicar’s expenses- £275.67
2015- NE Fire Ltd (extinguishers) - £48.
There was discussion over the expense of the oil fired central heating and how cold the church can be during services.
June Davison commented on the collection at the Christingle, Joan Davison says this is better than last year.
Joan Davison shared Church Accounts for period ending 31/12/2014 and explained some points.
Joan Davison would like it minuted the contribution and commitment of John Davison as the church organist.

• Events Group- Janet Bell gave feedback, funds raised in 2013- £4180/ 2014- £4797.
Planned events for 2015 already planned- Valentine’s lunch- 14/02/15. Lemington Male Voice Choir- 7/03/15. Easter egg Raffle and Hunt. Summer Fair- 6/06/15. Guyzance Summer Garden Party in July, 2015. Scarecrow Event- 15/08/15. Beetle Drive/ Pie and peas- 10/09/15. Christmas Fair- 7/11/15.
Mike wanted it minuted that the Events group work really hard and it would be nice to aim to raise £5000 in funds in 2015.
Janet Bell asked John Davison to put events dates on the Redemptorist sheets.
Pat Hawkins, Church Rep on the Village Hall Committee raised the issue of thermostats in the hall not being changed due to costs.
Keith Bell queried this as the hall can be cold during bowls matches and practice sessions. Pat Hawkins will clarify this with the Village Hall Committee. John Davison advised that the heating procedure being visible in the hall would be beneficial.

• School - John Davison asked if the school governors had any updated information about the village school. - but no updates at present.

08. Vicars Slot:

• Mike asked if PCC members could pop in to see Rosemary Rouse or phone as she is very lonely.
• Date for APCM in church, Sunday 22nd March, 2015 after the service.
• Mike away for 3 weeks from 15th April, 2015.
• St Lawrence’s APCM - 12th April, 2015.
• Reports for St John’s APCM to be received by the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the APCM.
• Local Ministry Development Group - there is a common understanding that the Sunday school not running currently. Mike wondered if a vibrant display of church activities could be placed in church where the banner currently hangs (this would not require a faculty).  PCC members need to give thought to a Mission Statement.
• Open Deanery Synod Meeting- 14/02/15- Mike attending with the Deanery Reps. Content of the meeting to consider, What are our resources?/ How can we share them?
• Correspondence received from Mrs D M Sumner, Secretary will send a reply.

09. Any other business:

• Church closed during the day, June Davison expressed concern that if someone wants to pray they may not know how to gain the key.
• PCC agreed to the church being open 10am- 4pm.

10. Date and time of the next meeting: Wednesday 25th March, 2015 at the home of Moira Peden.

11. Closing Prayer: led by the Revd. Mike Dent.