MINUTES OF PCC MEETING -   Wednesday 28th May 2014     

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 28th May, 2014 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd. Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, Ken Denholm, Caron Torbohm, Joan Davison, Derek Steele, Barbara Lamb, Janet Bell and Keith Bell.

01. Welcome by Chair Revd Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

02. Opening Prayers led by Revd Mike Dent.

03. Apologies: Joyce Aynsley and June Davison.

04. Minutes of the last meeting: All PCC members agreed with the minutes being a true record of the last meeting, signed by Mike.

05. Matters arising:

• Events group are ‘doing sterling work’ in their fundraising efforts.
• Point 10 of the last minutes, the ACPM had gone really well.
• Lay Officers appointed, as follows:
     Lay Chair- John Davison
     Secretary- Caron Torbohm
     Treasurer- Joan Davison
     Gift Aid- Janet Bell
     Electoral Roll Officer - Flora Steele
     School Governor- Barbara Lamb
     Village Hall Representative- Pat Hawkins
Mike extended thanks to all those recommitted to their roles within the PCC.
• Bill Rowntree has submitted a form to join the PCC

06. Correspondence:

Psppha- Alwinton Conference
Rape Crisis Helpline

07. Reports:

Churchwardens- Church porch is leaking very badly; Ken is to ask the church roofers to have a look.
Vestry key- no progress has been made.
Church Stalls on right hand side are loose and the floor is uneven.
Treasurer- Joan has spoken to the Children’s Society. N Power is in place for the next 12 months.
Income- Cheque from Ruth Wilkinson £170/ Tax Rebate £1691.24/ Donation from Mr & Mrs McGuigan £30/ funerals£ 230 + £10/ Winter Warmer £299.52/ 100 Club £600/ Pudding Club £336.60.
Expenditure- Bins £48/ Water £98.10/ N Power £89.88/ Oil £730.80/ Music licence £33.77/ Vicar Expenses £155.75/ Wine and candles etc. £169.10 / Sundries £15.26/ Boiler service £60/ Church yard plants £75/ Quota paid- £3000.
Insurance- £2700 paid, Joan to speak to the Ecclesiastical Insurance regarding the credit agreement. Address needs to be clarified.
Events Group-
Pudding Club- good evening.
Summer Fair due soon.
Guyzance Hall Summer Afternoon Party
Scarecrow day still under consideration
Mike thanked the group for their hard work and serious dedication, every event is all credit to their efforts.
LMDT- the Mission Statement and Mission Action Plan needs updating. PCC members agreed no need for LMDT extra meetings, therefore LMDT slot to be removed from further agendas.

08. Vicars Slot:

• LMDT previously discussed.
• Margaret Hammond helps Mike giving communion at the old people’s home in Warkworth. Margaret had previous responsibility where she lived prior to Acklington to give communion. As Mike is becoming increasingly busy, permission will be sought from the Bishop for Margaret to take up this role officially.
• Lych gate: Margaret and Ken have got 9 quotes. Church House is aware of the quotes and will discuss the use of a faculty. Janet Brown from the War Memorial Trust may be able to pay half. PCC is to approach Parish Council/ village as a whole/ Historical War Groups/ and advertise for funding in the Pelican.
Proposed by Moira Peden/ Seconded by Pat Hawkins/ PCC agreed unanimously.
• Mike asked PCC to consider a letter to the community regarding fund raising i.e. ‘Friends of St John The Divine’.
• Mike to write a letter for the Pelican regarding the Lych Gate.
• Mike expressed thanks for Margaret and Ken’s work.
• Mike wrote a card of thanks for Isobel and Len’s donation.
• Revd. A Richardson - it is not known if he will be returning to the 8 am Sunday service. Revd June Barras is happy to support at the moment but there is a possibility the services may cease in the future.

09. Any other business:

• Eileen Murray will be 90 next month, Caron to get a card.
• Weddings or baptisms coming soon- Baptism on 15th June, 2014 (Father’s Day), extra 20 guests during the service.
Baptism on 8th June, 2014 at 1.30pm.
• Festival Service for Coquet Churches Together on 14th September, 2014; Mike to take the service at St. Lawrence’s.

10. Date and time of the next meeting: Wednesday 10th September, 2014 at the home of Moira Peden.

11. Closing Prayer: led by the Revd. Mike Dent.