MINUTES OF PCC MEETING -   Wednesday 22nd January 2014     

Minutes of Parochial Church Council Meeting on 22nd January, 2014 - at the home of Moira Peden

Present: Revd Mike Dent, Moira Peden, John Davison, June Davison, Ken Denholm, Caron Torbohm, Joan Davison, Joyce Aynsley, Barbara Lamb, Keith Bell and Janet Bell.

01. Welcome by Chair, Revd Mike Dent and a thank you to Moira for her continued hospitality.

02. Opening Prayer led by Revd Mike Dent.

03. Apologies: Pat Hawkins and Derek Steele

04. Minutes of the last meeting: All PCC members agreed with the minutes being a true record of the last meeting, signed by Mike.

05. Matters arising:
• Village Hall Committee - Keith attended on Pat’s behalf and was made very welcome.
• Carol Service - Service well received and attended. Mike wondered if different services throughout the year may attract more people. Joyce suggested a sponsored hymn sing along. Caron and Ingo were thanked for the mulled wine.
• June Pirie’s embroidery - now hung in church.

06. Correspondence:
• Deanery Chapter - Parish Share paid in full, 97% to Alnwick Deanery.
• Diocese Returns / Statistics - certain diocese receive funding from Church Commissioners, £1.3 million received for Northumberland. Area Dean, Jim Robertson feels this subsidy may fall and therefore lead to an increase in the Parish Share.
• Parish Share - figures circulated.
• College of St Barnabas - letter received requesting a donation.

07. Reports:
Churchwardens - donations for The People’s Kitchen going really well.
Events group - last meeting on 7/01/14, there is to be a Winter Warmer Lunch on 22/0214 (11.30-1.30); Janet wondered if Tombola could take place on the day. Raffle of Charlie Evan’s painting discussed.
26/04/14- Pudding Club/ 7/06/14-Summer Fair/ 2/08/14- Scarecrow/ 29/11/14- Christmas Fair/ 13/12/14- Christmas Crib displays with mulled wine and mince pies.
Other suggestions- Hog roast/ Curry Night/ Northumbrian evening/ Cream Teas/ Safari Supper.
Treasurer - Christmas Fair- £869.61. Philippines collection- £229.80. Cheese and Wine- £302. Christingle- £42.91. Christmas Quiz-£66. Expenditure- £700.40 for candles etc. and Vicar’s expenses.
Receipt and Payments Account for Year ending 31/12/13 circulated and discussed. Accounts proposed by John Davison and seconded by Keith Bell- carried unanimously. Joan thanked Roger Styring for his help auditing the accounts. Joan thanked John for playing the organ free of charge.
Mike thanked Joan for her role as Treasurer and Joan thanked John for helping her with the Returns.
Local Ministry Development Team - On hold due to illness, no report.

08. Vicar’s Slot:
• Parish Share - as previously discussed.
• Annual Parochial Church Meeting - Sunday, 9th March, 2014 after the service. Reports are to be typed up by the beginning of February, 2014. Mike will do his report as part of the sermon.
• Lent Course - Mike has a Coquet Churches Together meeting next week with Susan Riley at Chevington and there may be something arranged with Amble.
• Coquet Churches Together - John queried again why St John’s not mentioned on the web site.

09. Any other business:
• School – There was a meeting in December 2013 and a discussion around finance. Now a meeting planned for February 2014. School roll - 12. Claire Jones - Acting Part Time Head.
• Christmas Crib - some people didn’t want the crib, others missed out and it was left on a doorstep.
• Anniversary of WW1- War memorial/ Lytch Gate- discussion about up keep of the gate and the role of English Heritage in any restoration. ACT to celebrate the centenary with activities in the village.

10. Date, time and venue of next meeting: APCM held in church on 9th March, 2014 during and after the Sunday Service

11. Closing Prayer: led by the Revd Mike Dent.