Despite the drizzly weather there was a very good turn out for the Acklington Community Team ‘Walking Treasure Hunt’ on 26 Jul followed by free cream teas for all.

Graham Cock did a wonderful job of setting all the clues which had the groups walking from The Mart to the Millennium Walk.  No team got all the answers correct but 5 teams  got 13 out of 15 so on a tie-break teaser (set at very short notice by John Davison) “When was Acklington  Village School built?” won by The Thorpe team who guessed nearest at 1850.  Answer is 1852.

For those who didn’t make it on the day the questions are below.  See how well you can do.  Answers at the bottom of this page.

1. In what year was Mr Lamb born?
2. How many different colours appear on the bus stop sign?
3. At what time can you catch a train to Hexham on a weekday?
4. What sort of structure has the identification 53AA?
5. What is the penalty for dog fouling?
6. How many different colours (or shades of colours) appear on the
    Acklington/Northern sign on platform 1?
7. Who manufactured the “Chieftain 550”?
8. What can you not use to pay for a telephone call in the village?
9. In what year was Acklington voted Northumberland’s Calor Village of the Year?
10. What number house is being sold by Rook, Matthews, Sayer?
11. In what year was the commemorative bench placed in the grass?
12. Where is the intermediate health walk going on 4th August 2009?
13. What rate would be charged for a landline call to Traveline?
14. How old was Mary Taylor of Cavil Head when she died?
15. What is the total number of wigwams and yurts to be erected if permission is


ANSWERS:  (1)-1928   (2)-5   (3)-1928   (4)-Lamp Post   (5)-£1,000   (6)-5
(7)-Stanton & Staveley   (8)-Coins   (9)-2007   (10)-8   (11)-2002   (12)-Acklington to Morwick   (13)-10p/min   (14)-23 years   (15)-12