Acklington Community Team AGM 5th January 2017

Present: Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Lorna and Shaun Malone, Lynne and Paul Glover, Jaq Barras, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: George Walton, Bill Rowntree

Treasurers Report:
• Burns Supper(2016) £86.75 profit
• Royal Tea Party (June 2016) £294 profit
• Mama Mia (august 2016) approx. £55. Profit
• Halloween Ceilidh (October 2016) £333 income, expenditure £479. However, some of this expenditure was on drinks for the bar. Remainder of these will be sold at subsequent ACT events.
• Total ACT funds £1805.62
• Payments still to come out in respect of ACT banners and ACT s contribution to the Village Hall car park.
Violet thanked for her work as Treasurer.

Chairman’s Report:
Tessa reported that the Royal Tea Party held in conjunction with the Church worked very well.
A discussion followed and the following points were raised:
• Chris suggested making use of drinks licence for afternoon events when serving cocktails etc. Running a bar at evening events does not make a profit as people are used to bringing their own drinks along.
• Shaun suggested selling more tickets in advance prior to events. This has the potential to increase profits. Look for opportunities to sell tickets beforehand.
• Chris asked whether all events should be profit led. The ethos of ACT was to provide entertainment in the Village and not necessarily make a profit. However, profit made from events is used to enhance Village amenities.
• Before arranging dates for events ACT should look for local events that may already be being held on that day.
• Publicity needs to be more far reaching. Shaun suggested collecting e- mail addresses from people who come to events and then they can be e- mailed about subsequent ACT events. This would support leaflet drops and posters. Shaun will research on line ticket sales.
• Tessa will ask John Davison’s advice in respect of an e- mail address for ACT.

Election of Management Committee:

  Post Name Proposed Seconded  
  Chairperson Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe Jaq Barras  
  Vice Chairperson Jaq Barras Tessa Sayers Violet Currie  
  Treasurer Violet Currie Alison Sharpe Chris Sayers  
  Deputy Treasurer Chris Sayers Violet Currie Lorna Budge  
  Secretary Lynne Glover Lorna Budge Tessa Sayers  
  Deputy Secretary Lorna Malone Tessa Sayers Lorna Budge  


Shared Responsibility*
Chris Sayers,
Shaun Malone,
Paul Glover

       Tessa thanked everyone for their hard work over the last year and many thanks to John Davison and
       Sharon Thorpe for their continuing support with publicity and accounts.

         Date of next AGM:
11th January 2018 @ 7pm Acklington Village Hall.