ACT MINUTES - 30th April 2015

Acklington Community Team Minutes - 30th Apr 2015

Present: Tessa Sayers, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Bill Rowntree, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Chris Sayers, Jaq Barrass

Treasurers Report: Violet has checked with Bob Smailes (Village Hall Treasurer) and he has confirmed that all rent due from Acklington Community Team in respect of events held has been paid.
Balance held in ACT current account is: 1410.77
Profit from Burns Night supper 132.00
Profit from Ceilidh 123.00
Tessa asked whether there were any projects in the Village that would benefit from some financial backing from ACT. Nobody had any immediate suggestions.
Alison said that 321 mother and toddler group was now running successfully, and they were helped by ACT with their rent when they first started.
Violet asked again about changing signatories on ACT bank account. It was agreed that this needed to be organised in the next few months.

Sports Club
Is still running 6-7:30 on a Friday night. It will stop for the summer in the next few weeks. Currently between 15- 20 children attend.

Was a very successful evening. There was a good age range attending and it was great to see the children joining in. Band enjoyed the evening and would like to return. Tessa will enquire about available dates for next year, preferably in March 2016.

Village Clean up day
Well supported and 21 bags of rubbish were collected.
George cleared the footpath into the Village which was overgrown with brambles.
Asbestos and oil drums were found down Bunny lane. The council took this away.
Members of the Parish Council put in a base for a new bench on the crossroads.

May Day Sale
Alison has had bookings for all 10 Tables.
Plant Stall Alison in contact with Prison. They hope to provide us with plants and Vegetables.
Donations of plants from others also needed.
Tombola prizes are being collected.
Raffle Prizes needed
Cakes Needed for refreshments
Tea Coffee Milk sugar squash biscuits To be purchased.
Set up 7:30 after sports club. Marquee for plants outside Hall to be set up early next morning. Bunting outside.
Admittance 1. Include drink and biscuit.

Hawaiian Evening:
Hall Booked for 4th July 7pm. Fancy Dress. 5. A ticket to include supper.
Suggestions include:
Fruity punch, bring own alcoholic drinks.
Cook pulled pork, ribs and accompanying sauces.
Rolls and salad.
Alison to ask whether belly dancer group would be willing to put on a dance display.
Publicity: Alison will ask John Davison if he would be able to put together a leaflet for us advertising May Day sale and Hawaiian evening. The team would also like to express their thanks to John for all his help with publicity.
This will also have to be placed in Pelican before 15 May 2015.

A0B: none

Date next meeting: 18 June 2015