ACT MINUTES - 12th September 2013

Acklington Community Team Minutes

12 September 2013

Present: Violet Currie Alison Sharpe Tessa Sayers George Walton Lorna Budge

Apologies; Sylvia McClure Chris Sayers

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed

Matters arising: The Parish Council is sorting out the play park issue on Churchill Way.

Treasures Report: Updated report not yet available. Tessa is still to submit her outstanding expenses to Violet in respect of the Jazz afternoon.

Tessa will e- mail sponsors of this event and see if they have paid the balance of grant into ACT bank account.

Payment for the Jazz band and Hall rent still outstanding.

Scarecrow afternoon please submit any outstanding expenses to Violet. Violet reported that she had paid all photocopying expenses in respect of events held.

Sports Club; This starts again on Friday 13th September.

Jazz Afternoon: Tessa had feedback from Jazz band; they enjoyed the relaxed friendly atmosphere. It was agreed to consider staging event again next year.

Halloween; Agreed to hold a family fun evening

26 October 2013

6-9 pm Fancy dress (optional)

£1. entry

Covers refreshments

Spooky  Quiz

Prize. Quiz questions needed.


Hot dogs. Fruit punch


Bring own

Nail Painting


Face Painting

Team to enquire

Make own outfits, arts and crafts.

Team to bring along anything suitable.


Team will decorate Hall.


Alison to put in Pelican.


Alison to make enquires

New Years Eve:  Last Years event was very popular so it was decided to go  along with the same format this year. There will be a pooled supper and bring own drinks. We also have the advantage of the Guyzance room that people can sit in away from the music. After last new year event someone in the Village offered to help with the music, we will ask them if they are able to do this. As we would like to hold the event from 8pm until 1 am. We will need to check with the Village Hall Committee whether we need to apply for a late entertainment allowance .Will ask at the next Village Hall meeting.

Burns Night: This has been booked for Saturday 25th January.

AOB:  Lorna reported that after some years as a member of ACT Bob has decided to resign. The Committee were very sorry to hear this and extended their thanks for all the hard work he has put into events over the years. Bob has ordered primulas for spring planting in the tubs around the Village, so he hasnít finished with us quite yet!

Alison said that the green flower planters  that had been put in place for the Village of the year had been discussed at a recent Parish Council meeting. They are in need of repair or replacement. Parish Council are looking into their replacement. Violet suggested old tractor tyres filled with plants as alternative.

It was agreed to make a donation of £25. to the Pelican in respect of advertising. Violet will arrange payment.

Next Meeting: Thursday 17th October @ 7:30pm