ACT MINUTES - 29th September 2016

Present: Lorna and Shaun Malone, Alison Sharpe, Lynn Glover, Violet Currie, Jaq Barras, Bill Rowntree, Lorna Budge

Apologies: Paul Glover, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Jen.

Minutes of last meeting: Read and agreed.

Treasurers Report: Tessa passed the following information onto Violet :-
• Current account £1892.62. Violet has some cash still to pay into account
• ACT has committed £500 towards the Village Hall Car Park resurfacing work this will be paid when work is completed.

Banners: Shaun brought details of various advertising banners.  There is an assortment of sizes and shapes:
• Teardrop banners are flexible with washable surfaces, sizes between 2.5 – 5 metres.
• Example of prices 2 metre high banner double sided £135. Carry and storage bag £9.00 and large base that fills with water and won’t blow over £46.80
• ACT logo is quite complicated to reproduce on banner, probably one simple message would be best. Break logo down into simple components.
• Generic banner that could be used at all events.
• ACT need to decide what size and shape of banner required, source supplier, and decide on design.
• Shaun happy to liaise on design and requirements.

Mamma Mia: Feedback very good, nice to see a good age range. Thanks to Tessa for the use of her bed sheet as an impromptu screen!
Black out blinds are needed if we are going to show more films. Research prices and sizes.

Christmas film show for children was suggested. Chris should have a list of films available, it is envisaged that this will be held on a Saturday afternoon before Christmas.

Defibrillator: Alison is waiting to hear from the Trust based in Shilbottle.  She confirmed that we are on a waiting list and someone from the trust would come out and discuss details with us probably in about 6 months time.

First Aid Course: Alison is going to find details about running a day course in the Village Hall.

Ceilidh: 29th October 2016
• Band will arrive at approximately 18:30 ready for 19:00 start.
• Band have said they will dress in Halloween costume.
• Violet will pay the band on the night.
• Team will meet at Village Hall 11am on Saturday to decorate Hall and set up.
• Pumpkin competition
• Fancy dress competition
• Limited to 70 tickets
• Advertised in the Pelican, Ambler, the bridge and the Gazette.
• Posters to go in notice boards, Paul will print of some flyers that Bill said he would distribute nearer the event.
• Rota needed for team to serve at the bar. Bar will be set up in back room. Suggested a spooky punch for children. Wine and beer for adults.
• Pooled supper and people can also bring their own drinks.
• Whisky rolling completion. Whisky needs to be purchased.
• Alison purchasing black banqueting roll for tables.
• Prizes needed for competition winners.
• Fairy lights needed to go around hall.
Timings for evening:
18:30 Band arrive
19:00-20:30 dancing
20:30-21:15 Supper and Whisky rolling
21:15 dancing


Alison reported that the Rotary Club have asked for volunteers to help when they tour the Village with their sleigh fundraising on the evening of 6th December. It will only be for a couple of hours. Let Alison know if you can help.

New Year Party:
• Pooled supper
• 21:00 start
• Supper 22:30
• Disco

Next Meeting: 17th November @ 7pm.