ACT MINUTES - 25th April 2013

Acklington Community Team Minutes 25th April 2013 @ 7pm

Present: Bill Rowntree, Violet Currie, Sylvia McClure, Bob Smailes, Lorna Budge.

Matters arising from previous minutes: Bob said that he had a few plants for the table top sale but the majority would not be ready for a few weeks. He suggested that we hold a sale of plants at the Village Hall opening or hold a further coffee morning later in the month. Lorna said Garry should have more plants ready then. Committee agreed this would be a good idea.

Treasurers Report: Violet reported that ACT had made a donation of 500. To pay towards the purchase of kitchen units for the extension of the Village Hall. Village Hall Committee have extended their thanks for this. John Davison has paid yearly fee for the village website. Violet will reimburse him.

Sports club: still going well. It will finish on 3rd of May for the summer.

Spring clean: Good turnout for this event on 20th April. Although generally there appears to be less rubbish being left around the Village, concern was expressed about litter being dropped around gates to the horse paddocks.

May Day Sale: 4th May 10-12


1.00 to include drink

Front of House/ Raffle




Plant stalls and books

Steve Bob George


Mrs Peden (other help needed)

Cake stall

June (Bob said June may be able to help) others needed.

Purchase Tea Coffee milk and sugar


Hall set up

Friday night 8pm after sports club.



Donations needed

Raffle, Tombola, cakes, plants, books.

We are still short of people to help on the day so would be very grateful for help from ACT members and friends/family.

Scarecrow Weekend: It was agreed by ACT members that we would help with the teas at the Scarecrow festival on Sunday 11th august. We need to arrange a date to meet with Church Events Committee to discuss this.

Craft Afternoon 2nd June:
 Ideas for this included genealogy, mosaics, knitting and models making. We will discuss at our next meeting on 21 May 2013.

AOB: Lorna had an e-mail passed on from John. A group from Acomb have been in contact with him about the Village website. They are very impressed with it and would like to discuss setting one up themselves. They would also like to meet with ACT and find out about the social events that we organise. Several members expressed an interest in meeting with them; John is trying to arrange a date and will keep us informed.

Date Next Meeting: 21 May 2013 @ 7pm.*

* Date of next meeting changed to Thursday 23rd May @ 7pm.