ACT MINUTES - 23rd May 2013

Acklington Community Team Minutes 23 May 2013

Present: Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, George Walton, Tessa Sayers, Chris Sayers, Bob Smailes, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Sharon Thorpe

Minutes of previous meeting: Read and agreed.

Treasures report: Read by Violet. Copy on file.

Sports Club: Finished for the summer.

May Day Sale: Violet reported £ 442 profit from the sale. Violet holds a detailed account of monies collected. Although ACT stalls did well other stall holders did not. It was decided that the format of the sale needs to be looked at before next year’s event. Bob said the end of May would be a better date in respect of the plant stall. The refreshment table got very busy so extra help will be needed next year, also portion sizes need to be standardised. Sharon had raised her concerns about this with Tessa, also the fact that a car selling from its car boot obscured view of the sale. It was agreed that better signage would help bring people to the sale, a banner was suggested and Alison will make enquiries about this.

Craft Afternoon: 2nd June 2-5 pm. Tessa has some ideas for paper turning, jam jar tea lights and friendship bracelets.
Violet banner making. Art group had expressed an interest in getting involved. Hope to have some cake decorating. Emphasise to be on fun and not expertise.
Meet at 1pm Sunday to set up.
Alison will ask John if he will produce a poster for us.
Cakes needed for refreshments.
Free entry.

Jazz Afternoon 14 July 2013.
This was an idea Tessa had for a summer concert. The date coincided with a Nationwide initiative in respect of Our Big Gig . Tessa applied for - through ACT - and received a grant for £400 for this event.

The conditions for this:
Cannot charge people.
Participatory element
Must be at least 4 hours music.

Tessa suggested that the Jazz band would play between 6-8pm.
Tessa has also approached Flora Peden Smith from Amble about a choir sing along which everyone can participate in.
Northumberland pipers are also interested in doing something less formal.
Open to other music if anyone shows an interest.
Bob suggested speaking to Middle and High Schools in Amble about participation. Alison Smailes at JCSC may be able to help with advertising.
Tessa has contract from the Nationwide and needs to send them a comprehensive breakdown of what the grant has been spent on. This includes evaluation forms and photographs.
Nationwide will organise publicity material, awaiting information about this.
Refreshment ideas included hot dogs and bring your own BBQs and drinks.

Scarecrow Weekend: Tessa will invite Church Social Committee along to our next meeting to discuss arrangements.

Next Meeting: 27 June @ 7pm.