ACT MINUTES - 21st June 2013

Acklington Community Team Minutes
21 June 2013 @7pm.

Present: Tessa Sayers, Violet Currie, Sylvia McClure, Bill Rowntree, George Walton, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Bob Smailes.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising: Tessa said the Jazz event was a nationwide event but was not organised by the Nationwide! Remainder of minutes read and agreed.

Treasurers report:
There hasnít been any expenditure since the last meeting.

Craft Afternoon: This was a very social afternoon enjoyed by all those present.

May Day Sale: Sylvia asked about how the money raised was made up. She said that one of the stall holders she knew was disappointed with the day. Team have agreed that the sale needs to be re-jigged for next year.

Jazz Afternoon: Tessa confirmed that advertisements for Jazz afternoon have gone into the Pelican. There is a ready made press release in respect of the big gig, Tessa will go into Northumberland Gazette office and speak to the events journalist about this. Tessa will also ask whether we need to contact The Herald and Chronicle separately in respect of advertising. There is a big gig website showing all events happening on 14th July and Acklington is marked on this. Alison will contact Lion Heart radio about publicity for event.
Tessa explained that there were comprehensive guidelines on colours and logos that can be used, on this basis Tessa is going to produce a poster with the three main events on. Tessa will ask John Davison about printing leaflets.
Sylvia suggested making signs for the side of the road advertising event. A work party was agreed upon for this on Monday 1st July at 7pm. Please bring along any old paints wood etc.
Bill said he would distribute leaflets as long as we get them to him before 10th July.

Timetable for the day:
Flora Smith singing workshop: 1:30- 3:30pm
Pipers: 4-5pm
Jazz band set up: 5pm.
Jazz band: 6pm onwards with a break midway.
Buskers: 8pm onwards, anyone else who would like to play.

Refreshments suggested:
Tea and cakes between singing and pipers.
Hot dogs between 5- 6pm, and after the Jazz band have finished.
Bring own picnics
ACT to provide green salads, tea, coffee, squash and biscuits.
Tessa, Alison and Lorna will bring BBQs for audience to cook their food on.
Shopping list will be drawn up by team on 1st July when making signs.

Tessa explained that £300. Will be deposited into account soon in respect of £400. grant.
Balance of £100. will be deposited after the big gig has received evaluation and photographs.
Costs at present: Singing £50.
Pipersí donation: £50.
Jazz band £150.
Anticipated Halls rent £135.
Publicity charges not yet known.

We may set up gazebos on the day, and it was suggested that if anyone had any garden seats they could bring along it would be useful.

Scarecrow Festival:
The Church social Committee did not attend meeting so difficult to ascertain what they require team to do on Sunday 11th August. However it was decided that someone from ACT would remain in the Village Hall so that there was access to toilets. Tess and Chris will serve refreshments in their garden between 2- 5pm. Team asked Lorna to enquire whether Sharon and Steve Thorpe were still interested/able to serve teas from their garden.

Any Other Business: Lorna has been asked by a resident who lives near the play park on Churchill Way whether the Community team can get a work party up to clear the weeds in the flower beds adjacent to the play equipment. Alison said that the Parish Council had funding for this, and she will raise matter with the Parish clerk.