ACT MINUTES - 19th July 2016

Present: Bill Rowntree, Jen, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Alison Sharpe, Lynn and Paul Glover, Lorna and Shaun Malone, Violet Currie, Lorna Budge.

Jaq Barras

Treasurers Report:
Full report will be available for next meeting. Tessa will access details online, all new bank stationary has been received by Tessa from Santander.
Summer Fair raised 477.40.
Parish website annual fee 61.71 paid
Football posts 150. Paid
150. Returnable deposit paid to film company in respect of Mama Mia evening.
No developments yet on the Village Hall car park which ACT agreed to pay 500.donation.

Right Royal Tea Party: The event went well and there were many favourable comments. However it was agreed that for any future events of this kind we should do more advertising and try not to clash with other events in the area.

Halloween Ceilidh to be held on 29th October 2016
Deposit 50 paid in respect of Whistling Sheep.

Mama Mia sing a long 27th August 2016
Publicity suggestions, Pelican, Felton Bridge Magazine, Northumberland Gazette, Tourist information, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Village notice boards, Willowburn sports centre, Newsagents Hadston. Lynn will co-ordinate publicity.
Alison has borrowed a projector for screening of film. Paul will bring along another one for back up.
License application going through. Tessa will check on progress.
Norma and Brian have agreed to do voice warm up exercises before screening of the film.
Optional fancy dress Greek or 70s.
Pooled supper
Bring own drinks. ACT to sell soft drinks.
Raffle prizes needed.
Alison and Violet selling ice creams.
Chris agreed to be master of ceremonies and instruct the audience on their participation.
Still to decide on how room will be set up.
Order of Events:
Warm Up
Interval for ice cream
Music and dancing at end. Raffle and Table quiz.

Any Other Business
Sean congratulated whoever organized broadband meeting. Superfast broadband is now available.
Sean also thought the litter pick went well.

Date of Next Meeting:
23rd August @7pm.