ACT MINUTES - 18th August 2014

George Walton, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Alison Sharpe, William Rowntree, Lorna Budge

Apologies: Violet Currie.

Tessa informed the meeting that Sylvia McClure was resigning from ACT due to other commitments. Team expressed their thanks for help she has given ACT whilst on the committee.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

Bill reported that a list of volunteer drivers willing to take people to hospital if needed was still ongoing. He will continue to promote it informally.

Treasurers report: Not available this month.

Sports club: will start again the first week of the School term.

Jazz afternoon: Tessa reported that ticket sales had raised 280.for the band. There were a lot of favourable comments from people who attended, and the band enjoyed it as well.
If the Kevi band are able to perform again next year there were a few things that the Committee thought could be altered.
Advertising next year Big band music rather than purely Jazz. This would appeal to a wider audience.
Provide food before the event as well as after. Parents attending were disappointed that they could not cook their BBQS or buy refreshments before the concert. Clearer pricing also needed.

Tea/Coffee Monday afternoon: Bill reported that numbers are gradually building and a few new faces on 18th August, all who attend enjoy the chance to chat and catch up on news. Bill also said however, that the acoustics in the Guyzance room caused some problems, it was sometimes difficult to follow conversations. Chris suggested hangings, curtains or plants to help stop the deflection. Future suggestions for the afternoons included board games and looking at old photographs.

Candle lit evening: Agreed to have a trial run on 20 September at the old Vicarage. Bring bottle and pizza toppings.

Collectors Fair: