ACT MINUTES - 17th November 2016

Acklington Community Team Minutes 17th November 2016

Present: Tessa and Chris Sayers, Lorna and Shaun Malone, Violet Currie, George Walton, Alison Sharpe, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Lynn and Paul Glover.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Read and agreed.

Treasurers Report:
Current Account 1642.62
Ceilidh ticket receipts 220 Money raised on Whisky rolling 21. Expenses 250 for band and 50 Hall hire means that Ceilidh ran at a loss however, those that attended had a great evening . The band was excellent and a lot of dressing up in Halloween costumes.

Shaun ran through details of banners again ( see previous minutes) Shaun has consulted with John Davison about shapes and different logos for the flags. Team voted on purchasing 2 concave flags initially, comprising:
Bright background colour
Standard text saying Acklington Community Team
Print on both sides
Figures along the bottom of flag in White.
Shaun will e- mail out design and colour examples for the team to peruse and approve.
Thanks to John for his input.
Costs for concave banners:
2.3 meter high flag 46.00 each
Carry bag 9.00 each
Base 46.80
Delivery 9.99
Art work 75-100 this will be a one off cost and the manufacturers will be able to use design again if we order subsequent banners.

Christmas Film Show:
Tessa reported that we would need to be sure of a good audience for this as the License fee cost is 87. Committee decided to shelve the idea for this year.
Village Hall Committee is looking into the purchase of blackout blinds to facilitate the showing of films and presentations.
Alison suggested applying for a Community grant for the purchase of a screen and projector. Sound system also required . Tessa is happy to put in application, however we need to liaise with the Village Hall Committee about what equipment is required.
Equipment needs to be sourced and costed.

Hogmanay Party:
Bruce is running disco music from the 60s onwards. He has lights and a glitter ball!
Fancy dress from any decade optional
9pm 1am
Posters have been sent to the Pelican and flyers will be distributed.
Pooled supper own drink
Whisky game and Heads and Tails
Ask John if he would compile a quiz for us.
Set up on New Year eve afternoon whoever is available to help.

De-fibrillate and first aid course: ongoing.

Burns Night Supper: 28th January 2017

Any Other Business:
Violet asked whether holding a bar for events was worthwhile when people were used to bringing their own drinks. It was decided to discuss this for individual events. Chris confirmed that he was quite happy to continue to set up and run bar at events.
Tessa told team that John had informed her that the total number of hits on the Parish website has now exceeded 50,000

Date Next Meeting: AGM 5th January 2016 7pm, followed by ACT meeting.