ACT MINUTES - 17th December 2013

Acklington Community Team Meeting

17th December 2013

Sylvia McClure, Bill Rowntree, George Walton, Tessa Sayers, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, Chris Sayers, Lorna Budge.

Sharon Thorpe

Treasurersí report:
Violet reported that she has paid out approximately £200 since the last meeting. This included £186. in respect of rent for the Village Hall.  The signatories on the ACT bank account need to be changed and it was agreed that Violet would explore changing ACT bank account to Barclays Bank. We could then change signatories and it would ease the banking progress as Barclays have local branches, unlike our current bank account. Violet will report back at the next meeting.
Violet reported that she was awaiting a bank statement to check whether the grant in respect of Big gig weekend had been received. As a result the Jazz Band have not been paid their fee.

Sports club:
Lorna has been unable to attend recently, Sharon and Steve have continued and it is still being well attended.

This event was well attended however it was agreed that in future it would be better to run these events under ACT umbrella. The children who attended enjoyed the nail painting and storytelling.
It was agreed that we might hold a Halloween event in 2015.

New Yearís Eve:
Pooled Supper / Bring own drinks / Music - George Henderson / Times 20:30-01:00 Set up from 19:45 /
No Entry Charge / 2 black bins required recycling / Posters 3 - Tessa to print / Bottle whisky - Alison to purchase / Heads and Tails.

Burns Supper:
Limit to 50 / £10.00 a ticket / Times - 19:00 for 19:30 start /  Bring own drinks / Ceilidh music - CDs required / Tartan material to dress tables required / Source soup plates / Posters Chris & Tessa - put up after New Year / Catering to organize after Christmas / Address to Haggis   Selkirk Grace   Immortal Memory- Burns and his life  Toast to lasses-men rude about women and then say they canít live without them   Response from lasses- destroy men! / Alisonís telephone number on posters to book tickets / All interspersed with music alcohol and singing / Team to enquire if anyone attending would like to speak any of the addresses etc.

Model Exhibition
12 January 2014 / Times 11:00-15:00 / Free Entry
Refreshments - team to decide on cakes and savouries after Christmas / Chris posters / Anticipated displays to include: boats, airplanes, dolls houses, trains and Doctor Who models.

Future Events:
Discuss after AGM. Lorna asked everyone to have a think about format for May day sale. This has been a popular event in past years, but was disappointing in 2013 year.

Any Other Business:
Violet asked whether ACT would be willing to offer some financial assistance to the 3,2,1 toddler group. At the moment it is struggling for numbers; however it is hoped that this situation will improve.
Chris suggested paying the shortfall in the rent for the next couple of months, team agreed with this.
Bill will speak to the School who run the group and ask how financial assistance would be best put to use.

Next Meeting:
AGM 16 January 2014 @ 19:00
General Meeting to follow AGM