Acklington Community Team AGM 16th January 2014

Present: Sylvia McClure Margaret Hammond George Walton Chris Sayers Bill Rowntree Alison Sharpe Tessa Sayers Violet Currie Mary Guy Lorna Budge.
No Apologies

Minutes of previous AGM agreed as an accurate record. No Matters Arising.

Treasurers Report: Violet asked thanks to be extended to Sharon Thorpe for producing treasurers report. This report is attached. Closing balance £1027. In general ACT events were profitable, and this enabled ACT to contribute £500.00 towards the cost of fitting a kitchen in the new back room.

Secretary's Report: An overview of events held in 2013. (Shown below)

Over the last year ACT have scaled down the number of events they have organised. Main reasons for this was that the ACT team has reduced in size and other groups within the Village are holding social fund raising events. This was discussed and agreed at our meeting in January 2013.

I think everyone who attended will agree that our Burns Night supper was a great success and greatly enjoyed by everybody. The food and entertainment was outstanding. We are holding this event again this year and as word of last years supper has spread tickets are selling well. Having a new kitchen will help greatly with the preparation for this.

As usual the Village Spring clean was well attended on 20th April. The general feeling was that there was not so much rubbish to collect, however there were hotspots particularly at the gates of the horse paddocks.

May Day sale whilst ACT stalls did well other stall holders were disappointed . It was agreed to look at a change of format and perhaps date for the 2014 sale.

Jazz afternoon and evening held in July was a great success, and the weather played its part for us as well. There was something for everyone to enjoy from the excellent Jazz band, singing workshop, Northumberland pipes and busking in the garden over a BBQ in the evening.

ACT agreed to help with refreshments for the Church scarecrow weekend in august. Tessa and Chris served tea and refreshments in the Vicarage garden and people enjoyed the change of scene.

In October ACT held a childrenís Halloween party, the event was held in conjunction with the Army cadets. It was decided that if we hold this event again it will remain under ACT umbrella.

ACT held a New Years eve party at which over 60 people attended.

On Sunday 12th January a Model exhibition was held. This was very well attended and fantastic models exhibited. The children and a lot of adults were delighted to meet a real live Dalek! The refreshments were also well received and the provision of hot soup sausages as well as cakes is worth remembering for future events.

John Davison asked us to meet with some of the residents from Acomb to discuss how and why we had got our community team up and running. They had seen our Village website and were very impressed with it, and our community spirit. Some of us spent a very pleasant evening with them in June sharing our experiences, and I for one, on reflecting on everything we have achieved over the last ten years thought havenít we done well.
It is very easy to get disheartened when things arenít very well attended but equally as well we should be patting ourselves on the back for the events that have gone
well and are appreciated in the community.
Acomb have taken a lot of our advice on board and are setting up their own community team.

Finally I finish my report by thanking family and friends who arenít members of ACT but still give up their time and energy to help with our events.

Lorna Budge (secretary)

Chairperson's Thanks: Tessa thanked Committee members for their contribution to events in the last year.

Election of Management Committee:

  Post Name Proposed Seconded  
  Chairperson Tessa Sayers Violet Currie Bill Rowntree  
  Vice Chairperson Bill Rowntree Alison Sharpe Lorna Budge  
  Treasurer Violet Currie Lorna Budge Bill Rowntree  
  Vice Treasurer Chris Sayers Bill Rowntree Alison Sharpe  
  Secretary Lorna Budge Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe  
  Vice Secretary Sylvia McClure Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe  
  Publicity Shared Responsibility*      

                             *  Chris said he would be willing to produce posters for events.

         Date of next AGM: 22 January 2015 @ 7pm Acklington Village Hall.