ACT MINUTES - 16th January 2014

Acklington Community Team Meeting 16th January 2014

Sylvia McClure, Margaret Hammond, George Walton, Bill Rowntree, Chris Sayers, Mary Guy, Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, Tessa Sayers, Lorna Budge.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising:
Violet confirmed that grant had been received in respect of the big gig weekend. Tessa confirmed that the Kevi Jazz band had been paid their fee.
Alison said that it was Graham Henderson who had organised music for New party and not George as in previous minutes.
Bill has spoken to the school about toddlers group and ACT helping to pay some rent for sessions in January and February. They would be grateful for this assistance.

Treasurers Report: see AGM minutes.
Violet has spoken to Barclays Bank Manager . Whether we change to Barclays Bank or stay with Santander we will need to fill in forms and take proof identity in respect of three signatories. These were suggested as Violet Tessa and Lorna. It was agreed to stay with Santander. Tessa passed on thanks to Sharon for mandate form.

New Years Eve:
This event was attended by approximately 60 people, a mixture of children and adults. Black bags were well used by everybody and as a result there was a lot less clearing up to do next day. We need to think of some new ideas if event is held again next year.

Model Exhibition:
This was enjoyed immensely by all those who attended, a lot of favourable comments. Sylvia suggested a collectables event. Expand to hobbies and vary event. Look at repeating in 2015.

Burns Night:
Tickets are selling well. Posters have been printed and are on display. Advertised on website.
George has ceilidh music and Scottish flags .
Chris suggested having one big table arrangement down the middle of the Hall to make it more sociable. It was agreed to try and do this.
Food will be laid out on long tables at the front of the Hall.
All speaking parts have been taken, Alison agreed to say the Selkirk grace.
Tessa agreed to lead singing.
Garry Budge will pipe in Haggis.
Catering as shown below:
   Haggis Mince, Whisky, Raspberries, Honey,
   Whipping Cream, Potatoes, Swede
   Soup (and swede to cook) Tessa
   Cheese Biscuits and grapes Chris
   Toasted Oatmeal Margaret
   8pts milk, 1lb butter, salt, pepper Lorna
   Paper plates for cranachan Violet
   White soup plates We have approx 30 just need a few more.

Sylvia and Mary have hostess trolleys we can use to keep food warm Tessa has a chaffing dish.
Remind all those attending to bring own drinks.
Meet at Hall at 12pm on Saturday to set up.

May Day Sale:
Saturday 24th May 2014. Details to be discussed at next meeting.

Spring Clean:
Saturday 5th April 2014

Jazz Afternoon:
Sunday 13th July.

Any Other Business
(1) Chris suggested holding an event to advertise the fact that Acklington will be receiving super fast broadband in the near future. Chris will find out more details and let us know at next meeting.
(2) Alison suggested holding an event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of world one.
No date was fixed for this , however we will discuss at next meeting.
(3) Margret told the meeting that the Church will be holding Scarecrow event on 2nd August.
(4) Sylvia mentioned that she has visited RAF Boulmer on an organized group visit. She said that everyone had an informative and enjoyable day, and wondered whether ACT thought it would be a good idea to arrange a trip from Acklington. Committee thought so, and as Sylvia has contact details she will explore idea further and also price coaches.

Date of Next Meeting:
27th February 2014 at 7pm.