ACT MINUTES - 14th March 2013

Acklington Community Team Minutes - 14th March 2013 @ 7pm

Present: Tessa Sayers Violet Currie Alison Sharpe and Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Bob Smailes Sharon Thorpe Chris Sayers Sylvia McClure

Treasurer's Report: Violet expressed thanks to Sharon for producing report. Violet distributed copies to all present. There is currently 1107.26 in ACT account. In addition there is 71.56 held on account for Sports Club funds.

Sports Club Report: Thanks extended to Robyn in respect of pancake race held at sports club on 15th February. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Burns Night Supper: ACT have received favourable comments from all who attended this event. In particular well done to Sharon for her address and Garry for his bagpipe playing. Everyone involved contributed to a very enjoyable meal and evening of entertainment. Next year it was agreed we would advertise earlier but tickets would have to be limited to how many can be catered for.

Spring Clean: Alison will arrange this with the council. Alison will also contact Pelican to advertise event on 20th April between 10-12 am.

May Day Sale 4th May 10-12am: Alison has a list of tables that have been booked. It was agreed that ACT would run Tombola, Cake stall Plant stall combined with books, raffle and refreshments. Bob is ordering some plants, other ACT members are also hoping to provide plants for the stall. Admission 1 to include coffee or tea. Tables 5.00. Alison will of details, she will also discuss producing a leaflet with details of events and requests for donations in respect of above stalls with John Davison. This followed his offer of help in January with regard to advertising events. All other details will be discussed at our next meeting.

Scarecrow Weekend: 10th 11th August: Act providing teas on the afternoon of 11th August. Details will be agreed nearer to the event.

Family Crafts Afternoon: Tessa suggested having a craft event in the Hall where people would have the opportunity to either demonstrate a craft or learn a new skill. It was agreed to hold this between 2-5pm on 2nd June. Alison will ask the Art group whether they had any ideas for this.

Ceilidh to be held on 21st September: Tessa will ask about a band for this.

Halloween Event on 2nd November: Following our last successful Halloween night a few years ago it was decided to hold another one. Details to be discussed in future meetings.

Charity Fund-Raiser:  Following a request concerning raising funds for a charity from Barbara King, members decided they would schedule a coffee morning sometime this year. Will be discussed at future meeting.

AOB: Violet asked whether ACT would consider making a donation towards the kitchenette that is to be fitted in the new back room of the Village Hall. This facility will benefit the whole community.  Violet suggested 500. However as there were only four members present at the meeting we were unable to make a decision on this. Deferred until next meeting.

Date next meeting: 25 April 2013 @ 7pm.