ACT MINUTES - 14th January 2016

Tessa Sayers, Chris Sayers, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Violet Currie, Jen, Lorna Budge.

Jaq Barras

Treasurers Report:

Thanks to Sharon Thorpe for compiling report. Copy on file.
Current account 1700.57
Petty Cash 240.00
Alison gave Violet a cheque for 100 from Positive Support in Tees which came via David Barras in respect of a donation towards the goal posts for land on Churchill way. Thanks were extended for this.
Violet is sending a signed copy of ACT's last meeting minutes to the bank in respect of the change of bank account signatories.

Christmas Fair:
The fair was very successful and there have been a lot of favourable comments. Points to consider if we decide to hold another one next year:
Amble choir could be invited along for the carol singing.
Bill suggested we liaise with the Church and perhaps hold a joint event.

Burns Supper:
Alison reported that all tickets had been sold and 3 takeaway meals ordered.
All catering has been organized. Alison and Violet will compile a shopping list and do the shopping.
Agreed to meet at the Hall on Saturday morning at 9am to set up.
Chris will devise a short quiz for the start of the evening as people arrive, and we will also serve a welcoming drink.
After the meal we will invite anyone who wishes, to provide entertainment. Tessa will bring some of her musical instruments and it is hoped Garry will play something on his bagpipes.
Money will be collected on the door if applicable.

Dates for future events:

Village litter pick 16 April 2016
May Day Sale 28 May 2016
Violet suggested a Disco for the New Year, she will report back at next meeting with details.

Agenda item for next meeting:
60-70s Disco

Date next meeting:
25th February 2016 at 7pm.