Minutes of the team meeting held in Acklington Village Hall on 13th August 2015

Present: Tessa Sayers, Alison Sharpe, George Walton, Violet Currie, Bill Rowntree, Lorna Budge

Apologies: Chris Sayers Jaq Barras

Treasures Report:
Hawaiian Evening
125. On door
28. Raffle
After expenses 32. Profit.
There has been excellent feedback from those who attended this event
Thanks to Norma and Brian Arthur who sang and played guitar to entertain guests. Also thanks to
Acklington Art group for the very impressive palm trees.
Tessa did say it was quite a lot of work to prepare and if we decide to repeat something like this we need a few more helpers.

1940s Evening:
Tessa suggested and Committee agreed that it might be more popular if we held this event in the afternoon and had a 40s tea party.
Fabulous Forties Tea Party
13th September 3-5pm.
Ask if any one has any 40s memorabilia that can be displayed. Tessa will ask John if he could request via Village website.
Free entry
Charge for refreshments
40s themed quiz
Refreshments cake, sandwiches scones
Meet at Hall 13:00 to set up.
Tessa will devise poster for Pelican.

It has been established that the photocopier in the Village Hall belongs to ACT. After discussion it was decided to ask Village Hall Committee whether we could store the photocopier on the stage as it may work if it is in a dry environment. It would of course have to be moved if the stage is in use.

Christmas Fayre:
A suggestion was put forward to hold a Christmas Fayre. This was agreed upon.
20th December 2015
Hot Soup
Roasted Chestnuts
Christmas trees
Craft stalls
To be discussed in more detail at next meeting.

Lorna suggested that ACT used some of their funds to buy 2 football posts for ground on Churchill Way. Alison will research prices and will raise it at the next Parish Council Meeting.
New print run of Acklington Village brochure is being looked at.

Next Meeting:
Thursday 3 September 2015.