Acklington Community Team AGM - Friday 10th February 2018

Minutes of the meeting

Alison Sharpe, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Sean Malone.

Apologies for absence
Alison Williams, Lorna Malone, Violet Currie, George Walton.

Treasurer’s Report (reported by Tessa in Violet’s absence)
2017 Burns Supper £389 profit.
May Day Sale Profit to be declared later*
Music Festival Profit to be declared later*
Sing-a-long The Sound of Music Profit to be declared later*
Christmas Fayre £326.50 profit.
2018 Burns Night £469.42 profit.
* Profit to be declared later in the full treasurer's report.

All outstanding invoices and expenses have been paid.
Current bank balance = £2581.60.
A cheque for £250 has just been received from the Round Table.
The meeting thanked Violet for her work as treasurer.

Discussion points
• The recently purchased hot plates were put to good use at the Burns Supper.
• It was agreed that we should investigate the cost of a projector (for sing-a-long films etc). Chris.
• The prison to be contacted re the possible donation of plants at May Day Sale: Alison.
• If required, we can provide plant plugs for the prison gardening team to plant on: Alison.
• It was agreed that we should purchase an A1 sized, waterproof, metal poster case for exterior use. Sean.
• Permission to be sought to site a post outside the village hall (to secure the poster frame to). Alison
• Advice and assistance requested from Violet’s son re the installation of the post and metal poster frame. Violet.
• It was agreed that future publicity should be centred on 1 X generic poster (with minor changes made to fit 4 X different media). The 4 X different media = 1) A1 sized poster. 2) A4 poster. 3) A5 leaflet. 4) A5 page insert in the Pelican (PDF). Sean & Chris.

• A lengthy discussion took place to decide the event calendar for this year. It was agreed that we should stick to our strengths, build on the success of the last twelve months, and stage popular events; that we are good at producing.

ACT Events Calendar

Acklington Litter Pick: Saturday 7th April. 10:00am – 12:00pm
May Day Sale: Saturday 26th May. 10:00am – 1:00pm
Summer BBQ and open mic: Saturday 4th August. Timings TBA.
Acklington Litter Pick: Saturday 22nd September. 10:00am – 12:00pm
Sing-a-long Grease: Saturday 20th October. 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Hogmanay & ceilidh band. Monday 31st December. 7:00pm – 1:00am
Burns Night: Saturday 26th January. 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Election of Management Committee:

  Post Name Proposed Seconded  
  Chairperson Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe Sean Malone  
  Vice Chairperson Sean Malone Tessa Sayers Chris Sayers  
  Treasurer Violet Currie Alison Sharpe Chris Sayers  
  Deputy Treasurer Tessa Sayers Sean Malone Alison Sharpe  
  Secretary Lorna Malone Chris Sayers Tessa Sayers  
  Deputy Secretary Chris Sayers Tessa Sayers Alison Sharpe  


Shared Responsibility*
Chris Sayers, and
Shaun Malone.
Alison Sharpe Tessa Sayers  

Tessa thanked everyone for their hard work over the last year, with special thanks to John Davison and Sharon Thorpe for their continuing support with publicity and accounts.

Next AGM: Date TBA