ACT MINUTES - 9th October 2014

Present: Tessa Sayers, Jacqueline Barras, George Walton, Violet Currie, Alison Sharpe, William Rowntree, Lorna Budge.

Apologies: Chris Sayers

Matters arising from previous minutes:
Candle lit evening at Vicarage went well. ACT still to decide whether they will hold a similar event in the Village Hall Garden.
Tessa has had an article published in the Pelican publicizing the events ACT has held in the Village. It is hoped this might bring along new members to ACT, and encourage more people to come along to events. It was agreed to repeat this in larger format in a few months time and produce a poster at the same time.
Violet explained that when the Guyzance room was built modern insulation was installed which results in some sound being bounced back. However, the only solution to this is to install a suspended ceiling or baffles which would prove very costly. Sloping walls are not suitable for hanging things on as suggested in last ACT meeting. It was agreed that the acoustics in the room was not a problem when there were a large number of people present.

Treasurers Report: Violet expressed thanks to Sharon Thorpe for compiling the treasurers report. Copy of report held with these minutes. The only matter outstanding is the rent for Monday tea/coffee afternoon. Violet mentioned the need to appoint new signatories in respect of the ACT Bank Account as the existing signatories John Armitage, Barbara King and Sharon Thorpe are no longer members of the ACT committee. It has been agreed that the new signatories will be Tessa Sayers [Chairperson] Violet Currie [Treasurer] and Lorna Budge [Secretary].

Sports Club: Recommenced on Friday 5th September. Numbers attending varies week to week between 10 and 20.

Tea/Coffee afternoon: There has been a mixed response to the club, there has been up to eight people attending and as few as two. People seem to enjoy dipping in and out but are not able to attend every week. Tessa said that although ACT can help fund the group whilst it gets off the ground this is not sustainable on a long term basis. Violet reported that the Village Hall Committee had agreed to help ACT meet the cost of the rent for the club on a short term basis. ACT expressed their thanks for this. The whole Committee agreed that these afternoons were a good idea and it would be a shame if they could not continue due to lack of funds it was agreed that ACT would review the costs involved at next meeting. In the meantime several suggestions were made:
Hold less frequently perhaps once a month, however agreed to remain weekly for time being
Posters and flyers everyone welcome might encourage school parents to pop in
Bring and Buy table to raise extra funds
Cut down to one hour for time being 2-3pm
Encourage people to bring knitting or other crafts along
Encourage people who attend to take ownership of the Club and bring along their ideas.
Book Stall
Make a weekly charge 1.50
ACT could hold a fund raising event to specifically boost funds for club.

Collectors Fair: 23rd November 2014. Alison reported that people had started to book tables:
Event has been advertised in the Pelican
Open between 12-4
Displays to be set up earlier
Free entrance
Charge for refreshments
Posters to be put up

World War one Exhibition 9th November 2014:
Alison was approached by June Watson to ask if she could bring an exhibition previously shown in Warkworth to Acklington Village Hall. It has been agreed that ACT will provide refreshments and a donation of part of the profits will be passed to the Royal British Legion. As ACT Committee members will be attending Remembrance services earlier in the day refreshments will not commence until 1:30pm.

Ceilidh: Tessa has been in touch with 2 bands Reel to Reel however they are not available in December.
Whistling Sheep are a group of young people based in Ponteland and have a caller. They charge 250-300. Tessa will contact them and arrange a booking for February or March 2015.

Burns Supper: 24 January 2015
Bill suggested booking Sister Act who recently played in the Village Hall at a party, for an ACT event.
To be put on agenda early 2015 book entertainment for Hogmany 2015.

Date next meeting: 20th November 2014 @6pm.