ACT MINUTES - 2nd February 2017

Acklington Community Team

Minutes of meeting held on 2nd February 2017

Alison Sharpe, Violet Currie, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Sean Malone, Lynne and Paul Glover, George Walton and Alison Williams.

Lorna Malone, Jaq Barras, Jenny

1. Minutes from last meeting
read and agreed as a true record.

2. Minutes from AGM
read and minor error noted regarding roles of ACT members - it should read Lorna Malone is the Deputy Secretary and Chris Sayers is the Deputy Treasurer. Agreed as a true record.

3. Treasurer's Report :
Vi distributed the ACT accounts up to 31.12.16 and detailed expenditure since then. ACT funds currently held = 1172.43. 500.00 which has been pledged to the Village Hall towards the tarmac for the car park is still to be deducted.

Thanks go to Sharon Thorpe for compiling the accounts.

5. Welcome
extended to Alison Williams who has joined ACT.

6. Feedback on the Burns Night Supper:
It was agreed that it was an excellent evening and that it was good to see some new faces coming along to the event. Tessa congratulated ACT members for their hard work. There was a discussion as to the catering arrangements for next year and a potential change in the way that tickets can be purchased prior to the event. The income breakdown for the event is to be advised.

7. Publicity:
Sean, Paul and Chris reported back on their recent strategy meeting in which they discussed ways in which to get more people involved/to attend ACT events. The key points are detailed below:

Using Acklington Parish website to focus the message as to what ACT stands for e.g. having fun, working together and making Acklington a great village to live in.
Improving communications with the possibility of assembling a secure email database and the production of a Spring and Autumn bulletin.
Making the ACT landing page work harder - SM to liaise with John Davison re the website and potential ACT email address.
Creation of an ACT YouTube channel - SM,CS,PG to work on this.
Growing the number of supporters.

Tessa thanked Sean, Paul and Chris for their hard work and contributions.

Alison mentioned that the Welcome to Acklington brochure which is distributed to newcomers into the village needs to be updated. This is an area to be looked at.

8. Billetto:
Sean explained that this is a platform for selling tickets online which could potentially be used by ACT for future events. He is happy to demonstrate this system for the consideration of the group. It was noted that if it is decided to use Billetto this would run alongside the usual availability of tickets via Alison/on the door.

9. Future Events:
There was a discussion as to possible future events and lots of ideas were put forward. Below are the events for this coming year:-

Village Litter Pick - Saturday 22nd April, 10.00-12.00. Equipment and refreshments will be available at the Village Hall.
May Day Sale - Saturday 27th May
Summer Festival - provisional date of 8th July. Full details to follow.
Quiz - date to be advised
Rocky Horror Singalong - Autumn, date to be advised
Christmas Fair - date to be advised

10. A.O.B. :
Alison stated that she would approach HMP Acklington to order plants for the May Day Sale.

Alison mentioned that the playgroup who were initially supported by ACT and who had been based in the village hall, had now relocated to the school building. ACT wished them well in their new home.

11. Date of next meeting:
20th April, 7.00pm