ACT MINUTES - 1st June 2017

Acklington Community Team

Minutes of meeting held on 1st June 2017

Present: Alison Sharpe, Sean Malone, Violet Currie, Lynne and Paul Glover, Tessa and Chris Sayers, George Walton

Apologies: Jaq Barras, Lorna Malone, Alison Williams

1. Minutes from last meeting - agreed as a true record

2. Treasurer's Report:-

Vi reported that the net profit from the Table Top Sale was 425.50 after paying 40.00 for rent of the hall. She gave a breakdown of the takings on each stall as follows:- Raffle 92.00, refreshments 103.50, bottle stall 65.00, Tombola 26.00, plant sale 164.00, donations from stallholders 15.00.

3. Review of the Table Top Sale held on 27th May:-
Firstly, thanks are extended to Bob and June for overseeing the raffle, Bill Rowntree and Steve Thorpe for manning the plant stall and Chloe Glover for her help on refreshments/bottle stall. Their help was much appreciated.

It was thought that the sale had been successful although footfall was low. Paul suggested that the timing of the sale in future years should be reviewed, possibly holding it on the third weekend in May to avoid clashes with other Bank Holiday events in the area.

The plant sale was a big success and the plug plants were deemed to have been good value. Alison S. has emailed a thank you to the prison for their contribution. Sean said that he would be willing to deal with the prison next year.

Publicity - we forgot to collect more email addresses on the day. A flyer/leaflet drop prior to next year's sale would be a good idea. There is a need for a better/alternative board for outside the Hall to advertise what is happening on the day. Tessa to source this and look into the possibility of a better display board inside the hall showing forthcoming events.

Pricing for teas and coffees to be reviewed.

The timing of the event 10.00 - 1.00 was fine and all in all it was a good day.

4. Publicity and marketing update:-

The email bulletin appears to be working as there were a few people who had attended the recent sale in response to the mail shot. We currently have 31 email addresses for 25 households.

Sean reported that a video film crew has been booked for Saturday 8th July for the Music Festival to create videos for the Welcome to Acklington Youtube and for the ACT website. Sean will send out details shortly. We need to decide who will front the video.

Newspaper coverage by the Gazette - Sean had liaised with the Gazette and an article featuring the Acklington litter pick was printed in the 11th May edition. He is looking at the possibility of a further article regarding the Music Festival in July.

Alison wondered if there was any mileage in being involved in the Northumberland Day, 29th May, next year but it was decided that as this was a private, corporate enterprise and not a regional one it would not be worthwhile.

The flag base is leaking. Sean said that a replacement is on its way.

Sean reported on the ticketing system. There was a powerpoint demonstration of the Ticket Source system. It was agreed that this looks like a good way to manage ticket sales and will help in the organisation of future events. Monies taken on the site will be available to ACT on the Monday following any event minus anything due to Ticket Source. We will still have the provision to take cash and this can be recorded on the system. The system will generate a list of attendees and tickets can be printed at home or displayed on a free app. It was agreed that this should be trialled for the July event. Administrators would be needed and it was agreed that Sean, Paul and Tessa would do this.

Door to door leaflet distribution - it was agreed to commence this on Saturday 10th June onwards to raise awareness for the Music Festival in July, to give the website details for Ticket Source and collect email addresses from those interested in being kept informed of ACT events. Alison is to allocate streets/areas to ACT members for the leaflet drop. Sean, Tessa and Chris have devised a leaflet which Paul will print for distribution.

5. Music Festival on 8th July:-

Tessa has worked hard on this and gave details of the programme which is to include a singing workshop with Sandra Kerr, a Northumbrian traditional music session, Harpists, Kevi Community Jazz Band and Mike Makin with open mike. Chris to be MC.

There will be a beer tent with Rig and Furrow Ales - Chris to place an order. There will also be Pimms, Prosecco and soft drinks. The BBQ will be held in the evening and will be kept simple with burgers and sausages. Tessa will source the burgers locally. Tea and cakes to be available if needed.

There will be garden games outside.

Entry to the event will be through the gate and garden and admission price is to be 5.00 with children under 11 admitted free. Timings - 2.00pm until late.

6. A.O.B. None

7. Date of next meeting:- 7pm on Monday 26th June 2017