Guyzance Bridge has been chosen as the main logo for the parish website as it epitomises the very strengths and qualities this website is aiming to achieve.

The bridge.....


is at the heart of our parish;


links the northern and southern areas of our parish which are divided by the River Coquet;


aids communication between the two villages n our parish - Acklington and Guyzance;


is strong, reliable, stylish and supportive;


is used frequently and serves our parish well.

We hope, given time, that this website will be regarded as having qualities to match those of Guyzance Bridge.

Above all, we will strive to ensure that Acklington Parish Website always serves our community well.


There are only two villages in our parish, plus a number of farms, hamlets and country houses.

The villages are Acklington and Guyzance.
In 2007 judges voted Acklington the best village in Northumberland. They stated that “despite its small size it has a fantastic community spirit and a real sense of things happening”.

Also in 2007 Guyzance was declared a Conservation Area. As an overall cultural landscape it has its own distinctive and special atmosphere not mirrored elsewhere in Northumberland.

We may only have two villages in the parish, but they are certainly villages to be really proud of.


The River Coquet is unquestionably one of Northumberland’s most beautiful rivers. It is arguably at its most finest and picturesque as it meanders through the centre of our parish on its journey to the North Sea.


We are extremely fortunate that our parish is situated pretty much in the centre of the most beautiful and peaceful county in the land, for (according to research commissioned in 2007 by the Campaign to Protect Rural England) Northumberland is officially the most tranquil county in England. It is a county far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it is brimming with places to see and things to do amongst the most spectacular of landscapes.

There is mile upon mile of gloriously uncrowded golden sandy beaches and stunning countryside set amongst two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the rugged Northumberland National Park. There are more castles in our county than anywhere else in England. The county boasts the birthplace of English Christianity on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the historic World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall, the stunning Alnwick Garden and many picturesque towns and villages.

What is more… the folk of Northumberland are amongst the friendliest you could ever meet. It’s a great county to visit and most certainly a great county in which to live.

The red and gold Northumberland flag is based on a traditional flag which is probably the oldest known flag design in Britain.


Please click on a map for a more detailed view.

1. The position of our parish in the British Isles










2. A map of Northumberland showing the position of Acklington and Guyzance.
3. A local map of the area showing the position of Acklington and Guyzance.

We have a fabulous interactive map available which is hybrid map of the area in road map, os map and satellite images combined.

Click this link to view the interactive map.

This website was launched in April 2008 by members of Acklington Community Team who obtained a grant to set up the project.  They bought in the services of website designer Brett Grieves to help in the early stages.

ACT continues to fund the website and it is maintained by two former members of the group: John Davison (Website Co-ordinator) and Barbara King
(Assistant Co-ordinator).

The picture below shows a group of parishioners enjoying an evening website training session led by
website designer Brett Grieves.

The training took place in Acklington School and was funded by ACT.

Any feedback or constructive criticism of this website would be very much welcomed.  Also any contributions (news, parish information, articles, stories, photographs, etc.) which could be included on the website would also be gratefully received.

To make contact, please click on the CONTACT US
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All information on this website is provided in good faith. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information but Acklington Community Team can accept no responsibility for any loss incurred from actions based upon information gathered from this website.
We retain the right to accept, reject or amend any material submitted to this website.

All material on this site is copyright and may not be used without the express permission of the copyright holder. Any requests for use of any material on this site must be passed through the website co-ordinator who will contact the copyright holder and pass on the requests.


It is very important that parishioners are well informed about what is happening in and around the parish. The following are just a few of the ways that parishioners find out about local news and events.



In this age of text messaging and mobile phones, there is still nothing better (according to Acklington parishioners) than a good old face to face conversation. When it comes to communication, word of mouth takes some beating.



The parish notice boards are well used. Parish councillors have recently erected three new parish notice boards (two in Acklington and one in Guyzance). There are also notice boards in the village hall, the church porch and the school.


The monthly community magazine for Acklington and Warkworth is called the Pelican. The Pelican costs £4 per year to purchase and it goes into the homes of most parishioners. It is one of the most comprehensive and well-read parish magazines and keeps parishioners well up to date on local news and events.

A regular leaflet drop of the free ACT Flyer (produced by Acklington Community Team) reminds parishioners of forthcoming events. It is one of the objectives of the community team to ensure excellent communication and the leaflet goes into every home in the parish.


Parishioners of Acklington have embraced technology well. More and more parishioners are regularly communicating by email and many have their own websites.
This parish website has undergone major reconstruction in order to accommodate the increase in demand for pages and information on our parish. Indeed, the following web address should be on every parishioners list of favourites:


“Good communication is at the heart of every successful parish.”


If you have any photographs taken in our parish that you would like to see on this website, please forward them to us.  We will be happy to include them, especially any interesting or unusual shots such as the view of Acklington Village below.

Or maybe you have recorded some significant event in the parish such as when County Councillor Mr Jeff Watson (watched by Eddie Critchlow - Chairman of Acklington Village Hall Committee) opened the new extension to Acklington Village Hall on Saturday 29th June 2013.

Whatever your photograph, if it depicts a parish scene or occasion, we will certainly consider including it on the parish website.