Present: Tessa and Chris Sayers;  Violet Currie;  Alison Sharpe;  Shirley and Robyn Rowntree;  Sharon Thorpe;  George Walton;  Barbara King;  Lorna Budge.


Apologies: Bob Smailes; Bill Rowntree; Sylvia McClure


Treasures Report: Violet distributed copies of treasures report. Violet thanked Sharon for compiling a comprehensive report that showed comparisons with events held over the last five years. This report will be very useful when looking at booking future events. Tessa and Chris expressed their thanks for money raised in respect of Indian orphanage charity.


Chairperson Report: Tessa congratulated everyone on their efforts over the last year. Once again ACT had provided some enjoyable entertainment within the Village.


Secretary report: Full copy held on file. The main point being that the whole team had worked hard arranging a wide variety of different events some of them more popular than others.  A big thank you to all the family members and friends who come along and help at events.


Sports Club: Sharon reported that all was continuing well. The club have different children coming along; usually more to the younger session than the older one. Enough revenue is being made to cover the rent, however not making a profit. There are also some young leaders helping out. Sports club were donated a lot of sports equipment by a family in the village, this was very much appreciated and a big thank you to them. The club is looking forward to making use of it in the coming months.

Barbara stood down from the Committee after 8 years. Tessa thanked her for her work as Secretary, Deputy Secretary and publicity officer over recent years. The rest of the team concurred.




Chairperson: Tessa Sayers - proposed by Violet Currie seconded by Alison Sharpe

Deputy: Bill Rowntree - proposed by Tessa Sayers seconded by Alison Sharpe


Treasurer: Violet Currie - proposed by Chris Sayers seconded by Alison Sharpe

Deputy: Sharon Thorpe - proposed by Lorna Budge seconded by Tessa Sayers


Secretary: Lorna Budge - proposed by Tessa Sayers seconded by Sharon Thorpe

Deputy: Chris Sayers proposed by Alison Sharpe seconded by Sharon Thorpe


Publicity: Agreed to organize this at each meeting.


AOB: None


Date of next AGM: 16TH January 2014 @7pm.